Wanna be strong? And lift heavy stuff ?? And do fun strongman stuff ??? And get coached by awesome/funny/great/talented Maya Winters – who holds a strongman national title, by the way – !! Make sure you sign up for her upcoming Strongman Seminar June 20th.

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this could be you. if you go to this seminar.

To give you a better idea as far as what to expect, here’s some FAQ from Maya:


Why this seminar?
– You will be presented with thorough presentation on selected, essential strongman movements/lifts.
– The seminar will be housed in a spacious facility that lends to carries for distance and will not be limited by any chance of spring showers.
-Instruction will be provided by an athlete who has experience the sport at its highest level, an instructor who understands the delicacies of content transmittal, and a coach who is actively training athletes on a daily basis.
-During the training session, coaching will be tailored to each athlete. General cues will be provided for each movement, to reinforce sound technique, and customized cues will be provided (per athlete).
-You will have more than one set of eyes on your lifts. Co-coach Jen Sinkler will be on site to assist athletes. Here is a bit about Jen…
*She holds powerlifting records in Minnesota
*Strength coach and athlete
*Formal international rugby player
*more about Jen… https://jensinkler.com/about-jen-sinkler/

Why this coach?
-I’ve been coached by strength sport greats:
*Steve Pulcinella (Owner-Iron Sport Gym) WSM competitor and Highland Games Legend
*Jill Mills – 2x World’s Strongest Woman and esteemed powerlifting legend
*Mike Mastell – Pro Strongman and strength coach
*Brandon Lilly – one of only 19 men to ever total over 2200 raw, having 2204 which ties him for 16th all time (826.5 squat, 573 bench, 804.5 Deadlift).
*Chad Smith
-Pro Strongman & record holding Powerlifter
-Big Boss of Juggernaut Training Systems
-Record holder for deadlifting the most weight…in Sperrys
*Erin (Davidson) Farmer
-Owner of Crossfit Center City
-CrossFit Level 1 Certification
-CrossFit Endurance Certification
*FuBarbell Coaches’ Seminar
*USAW Sports Performance Coach
*Qualification for American Open 2011, 58kg
*Competed on CrossFit Games Regionals Team 2014
…so my strength sport lineage has great blood lines!
*I have a strongman national title and placed 2nd (2 years, consecutively) at the Strongman Fitness World Championships (at the Arnold)

Who is this seminar for?
-Athletes and coaches are encouraged to register for this seminar.
-Athletes and coaches from powerlifting, strongman, crossfit, anyone looking to get stronger, etc. are all welcome!
-Coaches will be provided with technical instruction and cues to share with their own athletes.
-Athletes are encouraged to retain these same cues and use them in the future video analysis of their own lifts.
-Coed…not sure why I needed to specify

Athlete/Participant Outcomes
-Competence in executing each movement
-An understanding of how each assistance and auxiliary movement can supplement strength training
-Coaches obtain technical instruction and cues, which they can use to fix breaks in athletes’ form
-Opportunity to apply technical instruction under the supervision of a coach

Date: June 20st, 2015 Time: 8am-11am
Location: Crossfit 215
4012 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Registration fee: $60
Contact: [email protected]
Registration link: www.strongmanseminarmayacamillewinters.whindo.com