Greenhorn Novice Competition – Powered by CrossFit 215
We’ve run numerous competitions throughout the years (Affiliate Challenge, 3 Partner Comps, Push-Pull Power Lifting Meet) – now it’s time for a novice competition! Since novice and intermediates make up 95% of athletes it made sense to have a competition designed only for them. This competition is for athletes that, generally speaking, would have scaled the majority of this year’s CrossFit Open’s workouts. Expect a challenge, but expect a lot of fun too! Greenhorn is for CrossFit athletes that are just getting into the competition realm and want to see what it’s all about. For more specific guidelines as to what we expect of our novice and intermediate athletes, see below:

Novice – 95/65 GTO
Intermediate – May have participated in comps before; full range of motion pull ups; double unders; 135/95 GTO

Preview WODS
Workout 1 – Strength test (ladder format)
Workout 2 – Single modality test
Workout 3 – Rowing/wall ball/box jump
Workout 4 – Floater
Workout 5 – Final

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