For those of you who missed the THM (or maybe you need a refresher), we’re starting up a new schedule next weekend.

Sunday endurance classes are no more. Instead, we’re going to be holding two new classes Saturday mornings @ 8AM and 9AM. 8AM will be a Skills Class – this will run on a 4 week cycle and will cover rowing technique and time trials (500m/2km/100cal/etc). We’ve all been introduced to rowing technique through on ramp and maybe a little instruction here and there during class… but ALL athletes would benefit from this cycle. Definitely try and make it out to this one.

The 9AM will be your standard endurance class – but with a little ramping up as far as programming goes.

We also want to remind you guys of the new programs popping up at 215: our Strongman Program and our new Oly Program.

First – Strongman. We’re a few weeks into our Strongman program with Maya. For anyone who watched the CF games this past weekend, you know how important it in to include this stuff in your programming !! And we have Maya! No one is more qualified in this area than her. We are looking to make this a regular thing, so make it known if you’re interested.

Then we have our new Oly Program, which will be starting August 10th. This is going to run Monday and Wednesday @ 6PM and Saturdays @ 10 am. Taught by Micah and Amy, whoever attends will receive some Grade A programming and instruction. So, if you’re looking to better those oly lifts here’s how you sign up – Please email Jes ( [email protected] ). This cycle will go for 4 weeks and will be a lot like the Oly cycle you guys have been following in class these past few weeks. If you are looking to sign up, it is necessary to make all classes. This is a commitment. Given that this cycle will be limited as far as how many people can sign up, please make sure you can make all classes as to not take the spot from someone else who may be better suited for the cycle. Jes will send out a confirmation email as to whether or not you have a spot once you’ve emailed her. If you do have a scheduling conflict but would still like to sign up, please make sure to include that in your email.

All that being said… these are Beta Programs. Meaning they are a tester/a way for us to get a feel for whether or not you guys want these types of specialty classes on the schedule permanently. If not enough people commit to them/show interest, we cannot run the program. So please, if you are interested – show up! If the time doesn’t work for you, reach out to Micah or Jes and at least let it be known that you’d be down to join if it was at a different time.

And then there’s Sunday. We really would like you guys to get serious when it comes to mobility and rest days – so Sundays at 9AM, we’ll be having an “open gym” time to come in and work on mobility. This includes stretching, yoga, awesome rolfing work courtesy of Kyle George… etc. It is not an open gym in the sense that you can come make up a workout you missed or do BB work. This is strictly mobility work.

Just to recap, here is the new schedule (:

Main Room
8am – Strongman Class
9am – Partner Workout
10am – Partner Workout
8am – Endurance Skills Class
9am – Endurance Class
10am – Oly Club

9am – Mobility / Recovery Class

Let us known if you have any questions!

– 215 Team