Strength – Tempo Front Squat (eccentric and isometric focus) & Thruster, upper body pulling (pull up variations, MU, rows) Conditioning – Short to moderate time domain with high intensity, knee flexion and pulling endurance


Strength – LB Pull w/clean and snatch transfer focus (RDL, Cl/Sn Grip DL), Dynamic upper body push (PP, PJ, SJ, more complexes)

Conditioning – short maximum aerobic power (push/pull focus)


Strength – Snatch and Tempo OHS focusing on OH stability and positional work, upper body pull strength endurance

Conditioning – EMOM’s – barbell cycling, power intervals


Strength – LB Pull/plyometrics, upper body push strength (horizontal)

Conditioning – aerobic cyclical repeats (row) + aerobic w/upper body pull/push density


Strength – Clean, C&J

Conditioning – mixed modal aerobic building in intensity, benchmarks


Conditioning – Longer mixed modality (weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural) partner workouts with a higher skill/strength demand