It’s time to test! Congratulations to everyone who has participated in our July Handstand Challenge. We can’t wait to see your results. Testing can be performed on any day this week. It is recommended you choose a day that your shoulders feel fresh and before a taxing upper body workout.

Don’t forget to post your results on the board in the gym and share your journey with us on social media using #RFHandstandChallenge + #RequisiteFitness + #HandstandChallenge

Warm Up: lax ball forearms 1 min/side, 5 slow circles/direction in quadruped (all fours), wrist stretch w/opposite hand (pull back fingers 5/side), rock side to side in plank position 5/side
2 rds – 1 wall walk + 20 sec hold, 3 hs kick ups w/3-5 sec hold + slow negative, 3-5 strict hspu or variation
A. Max Unbroken HS Hold against wall; score = time (Make sure to write your name and record your new score on the whiteboard next to the mobility area!)
B. Max Unbroken strict handstand push ups; RX, 1 abmat, or box hspu w/1 abmat (make sure you repeat the same scale you use the first test)