The Current Cycle

The fall is here and it’s time to get strong!!! As we wrap up our current cycle we will test both strength and work capacity metrics that were emphasized over the past few months. The structure for our two weeks of training is below:

Week of 9/17 – 9/23

Monday: Back Squat; heavy triple, row/thruster/burpee capacity test
Tuesday: Strict Press; heavy single
Wednesday: Gymnastics density pulling focus (we will visit this again in the future)
Thursday: Deadlift; build to a heavy 4 (will build upon this next week)
Friday: Hang Snatch: heavy single, 2k row
Saturday: Kilo Meet – 9am fitness class only!
Sunday: Endurance – 9-11am

Week of 9/24/-9/30

Monday: Weighted Pull up; 1RM, max unbroken strict pull ups
Tuesday: Bench Press; heavy single
Wednesday: Gymnastics density pushing focus
Thursday: Deadlift; build to a heavy 4 (build from the previous two weeks)
Friday: Hang Clean; heavy single
Saturday: Masters and Fitness classes as normal!
Sunday: Endurance – 9-11am

What’s Next?

October will start a four week cycle to peak for the end of the month. This Halloween we will host an in house event called The Rotal (The Requisite Total) which will run during all classes in 90 minute blocks. The format will  include a 1RM Clean, 2RM Bench Press, and 3RM Back Squat back to back to back. Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged!

November we are bringing back our team In House Competition! This will be a three event team format competition with ALL members encouraged to participate!!!


October Events:
Saturday, October 6th – 2018 Partner Throwdown
Saturday, October 20th – EGL GRID 6
Wednesday, October 31st – The Rotal (The Requisite Total)
1 RM Clean
2 RM Bench Press
3RM Back Squat

November Events:
Saturday, November 10th – In House Competition