Week 3 – Phytonutrients

This week we will focus on the benefits of incorporating fruits, vegetable and vibrant colors in your diet. Most people don’t get enough phytonutrients. These “color deficiencies” increase risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes.

This article from Precision Nutrition includes an educational infographic breaking down the importance of getting colors in your diet. You can download a free Phytonutrient Cheat Sheet to help you track how many servings of each color you’re getting every day.

The Challenge

Incorporate 1 cup of colorful fruits or vegetables at every meal

Phytonutrient Tips

The vibrant colors of fruits & veggies aren’t just nice to look at- they also tell the story of their “super powers”.⠀

💪Phytonutrients, or plant nutrients, that help us fight disease and stay stronger for longer.⠀

🧐Since most people don’t get enough phytonutrients, it’s important to learn what these little powerhouses can do- and how much you need of each to be healthy.⠀

🥦🍉Make note of how you can incorporate more greens and reds in your diet.⠀

👇Share what you’ll be doing to add more of these “superheroes” to your diet on your social media using #RFWellnessChallenge

👀And for all our eager beavers wondering how to incorporate the rest of the colors to your diet, check out this great infographic from Precision Nutrition!