Week 4 – Protein

This article from Precision Nutrition breaks down what protein is, why it is important, and includes general guidelines about how much you should be incorporating in your diet. Quantities are dependent on the person, but general recommendations for protein intake is 0.8 per kilogram (or around 0.36 g per pound) of body mass in untrained, generally healthy adults. For those doing high intensity training, protein needs can increase to 1.4-2.0 g/kg (or around 0.64-0.9 g/lb) of body mass.2 A hypothetical 150 lb (68 kg) person would need about 95-135g of protein per day.

The Challenge

Incorporate one serving of protein at every meal

5 Reasons You May Require More Protein

While most people naturally consume the right amount of proteins for their dietary needs, they are groups of people who require a higher intake including those who workout regularly.

5 Groups of People Who May Benefit From a Higher Protein Intake
  1. People trying to lose weight
  2. People with blood sugar and metabolic problems
  3. Athletes and people who train hard
  4. The elderly and chronically ill
  5. People who are under a lot of stress

Chris Kresser debunks some common protein myths in this article, as well as breaks down while you might need to increase protein consumption based on your needs.