In our technology era, we can be pulled in a million different directions and very easily distracted. We engage in technology without awareness and limits and can fall victim to our hardwired, reward-seeking behaviors.

The second to last week of our #RFWellnessChallenge will focus on creating better awareness to how much time we spend engaged with our smartphones, social media, and the internet.

In a recent article in the New York Times, James Williams, a former technologist and Google employee that worked in search advertising for nearly a decade, compared the current design of our technology to “an entire army of jets and tanks” aimed at capturing and keeping our attention.

He remarks, “…the army is winning. We spend the day transfixed by our screens, thumb twitching in the subways and elevators, glancing at traffic lights. This is us: eyes glazed, mouth open, neck crooked, trapped in dopamine loops and filter bubbles. Our attention is sold to advertisers, along with our data, and handed back to us tattered and piecemeal.”

Why does this matter?

Our attention is one of our most valuable resources. The quality of our experience is determined by the focus of our attention.

The Challenge

📱Limit phone usage 30-60 minutes before bed
📱Turn off all non-essential notifications on your phone
📱Install Moment or Breakfree apps on your phone to track smartphone usage and make suggestions for limiting it