The 2019 Open season has officially begun! Over the next five weeks we will be presented with five opportunities to showcase our fitness, confront challenges, struggle, persevere, and support each other. Today also marks the start of our “Battle of the Sexes” competition within the community. We’ve created an internal leaderboard to track everybody’s scores each week and determine which sex reigns supreme. Let the battle commence!

Similar to past years, 19.1 is a classic couplet of wall balls and rowing. Despite its simplicity, there are plenty of little things to pay attention to if you want to maximize your effort.


  • make sure damper and foot setting are appropriate for your machine. check battery life in the settings.
  • You must stay on seat of rower until it ticks over to 19
  • Get the erg moving right away away! Getting to the first calorie is the most taxing/time consuming. Get into the seat as quickly as possible and start pulling. You don’t have to have both feet in, fully strapped before pulling. You can get one foot in and start pulling and then adjust the other foot and strap as you’re rowing. Practice getting in and out of your rower straps if you’re not used to doing this quickly and efficiently.

Row Pacing

For your reference, below is the time it will take to complete 19 cals
800 cal/hr 1:25
1000 1:08
1200 57 sec
1400 48 sec
1600 42 sec

There is a huge payoff time wise for rowing faster. The majority of this workout is rowing vs wall balls (about 2:1) therefore maximize your efficiency on the erg!

Wall Ball

  • Make sure the ball touches the wall above the bottom of the target
  • Wall ball starts in bottom of squat breaking parallel. You cannot pick ball up and throw for first rep

Execution and Transitions

  • have your judge clear your screen every round. don’t waste time sitting there waiting for your screen to reset
  • control the ball back down to the ground so it doesn’t roll everywhere. if it does, have your judge move it back to your station/area. if you are in a heat in close quarters this will be especially important
  • Keep them smooth. Practice moving from the rower your wall ball before you start


Below is the tentative heat schedule we will be working off of. As you can see, it is preferential if we have athletes arriving every 30 minutes vs on the hour. We are recommending arriving 15 minutes earlier than the time you wish to workout and budget to stay after to judge the heat following yours. We need everyone to help with judging! The first two heats of the day will arrive at the same time and judge each other.

HeatWarm UpWorkoutHeat
Heat 18:00 – 8:208:20 – 8:35Heat 2
Heat 28:00 – 8:208:40 – 8:55Heat 1
Heat 38:30 – 8:559:00 – 9:15Heat 1&2
Heat 48:55 – 9:159:20 – 9:35Heat 3
Heat 59:10 – 9:359:40 – 9:55Heat 4
Heat 69:30 – 9:5510:00 – 10:15Heat 5
Heat 79:50 – 10:1510:20 – 10:35Heat 6
Heat 810:10 – 10:3510:40 – 10:55Heat 7
Heat 910:30 – 10:5511:00 – 11:15Heat 8
Heat 1010:50 – 11:1511:20 – 11:35Heat 9
Heat 1111:10 – 11:3511:40 – 11:55Heat 10