19.2 is a repeat (for the most part) of 16.2!

If you completed 16.2 you may remember this one. This year it is virtually the same workout with the only difference being you will have 8 minutes to complete the first two rounds vs 4 minutes for the first round and 4 minutes for the round.

Your skill and strength level will dictate whether or not you tackle this one scaled or Rx’d. Either way, we are ready to watch you all crush it tomorrow! For full workout details and explanation, check out the CrossFit Games website or reference the official workout here https://games-assets.crossfit.com/19-2-2019Open_Trifecta-kjeu762b3hd.pdf.

Our coaches will lead you through a warm up for tomorrow, but here a few strategy tips for execution.

Toes to bar

  • Break up immediately and often! Those who are proficient, 5’s could be a good strategy to stay fresh and keep the heart rate down. Consider lowering the reps if you struggle with this movement, but keep your breaks short

Hanging Knee Raises

  • These may be done in bigger sets if you are comfortable with the movement. Otherwise, break up early and often to stay fresh for later in the workout.

Double Unders

  • Consider breaking DU into multiple sets if you are not proficient or they are excessively fatiguing you

Squat Clean

  • Most athletes should be performing singles unless you are scaling the weight by a lot.
  • On the lighter bars, focus on pulling yourself under the bar quickly
  • On the heavier bars, focus on bracing your core and setting up tight before your lift!
  • Try to stay on the bar and avoid walking around the bar. You will tend to waste unnecessary time


This is getting into detail, but your nutrition strategy can make or break a workout. Especially if you over or under fuel beforehand. The goal would be to take in some protein and carbohydrates about 60-90 minutes beforehand. The recommendation would be to get these from liquids or very well chewed food. Stay away from vegetables or lots of fat as they will slow down the digestion process and can stress the system. Since most of you are executing this workout in the morning, the recommendation would be to keep breakfast very light unless you are able to eat a meal multiple hours before you expect to execute the workout. Some coffee, fruit, Fuel for Fire, or light fare will be best and easier on the GI system to break down. Some people may consider training on an empty stomach as well. Remember, we will have Kettlebell Kitchen in the house afterward to fuel you up!


We are going to use the same exact heat schedule as last week.

Below is the tentative we will be working off of. As you can see, it is preferential if we have athletes arriving every 30 minutes vs on the hour. We are recommending arriving 15 minutes earlier than the time you wish to workout and budget to stay after to judge the heat following yours. We need everyone to help with judging! The first two heats of the day will arrive at the same time and judge each other.

HeatWarm UpWorkoutJudge
Heat 18:00 – 8:208:20 – 8:35Heat 2
Heat 28:00 – 8:208:40 – 8:55Heat 1
Heat 38:30 – 8:559:00 – 9:15Heat 1&2
Heat 48:55 – 9:159:20 – 9:35Heat 3
Heat 59:10 – 9:359:40 – 9:55Heat 4
Heat 69:30 – 9:5510:00 – 10:15Heat 5
Heat 79:50 – 10:1510:20 – 10:35Heat 6
Heat 810:10 – 10:3510:40 – 10:55Heat 7
Heat 910:30 – 10:5511:00 – 11:15Heat 8
Heat 1010:50 – 11:1511:20 – 11:35Heat 9
Heat 1111:10 – 11:3511:40 – 11:55Heat 10