19.4 …is going to be a burner! A good warm up is imperative. Strategy and pacing will be very athlete dependent. Your time will come down to your speed on the burpees (72 reps) and proficiency at bar muscle ups pull ups.

First things first, make sure you read the movement standards to make sure you understand the requirements. There are larger differences this week between RX and Scaled, so make sure you pay attention!



Bar Facing Burpees

  • Our recommendation would be to use the step-up technique. It tends to be more efficient and often faster over a larger volume. If you are going RX and plan to get bottlenecked at the bar muscle ups you can experiment with a faster method of jumping and spinning in the air. It will be faster but more taxing. If your rate slows with the combination of snatches this may not be a more efficient path.


  • Technique on the snatches will depend on how heavy the weight is relative to your abilities. For those going Tng reps or fast singles our recommendation is to avoid muscle snatches. They won’t save much time and will fatigue your shoulders more. Consider a power snatch.
  • breathe and find a steady rhythm with the movement

Bar Muscle – Ups/Pull Ups

  • If you have this skill make sure you do not go to failure with your rep selection.
  • If you are not proficient especially under fatigue you can expect to do small sets and possible singles throughout. It will be important to find a pull up bar that does not create a long/excessive jump every rep if you anticipate doing small sets.
  • Your 3 min rest between each piece is where you should be taking stock of where your fatigue levels are and a strategy for how you will tackle the muscle ups and pull ups.

Strategy and Pacing Considerations

This is going to be a fast paced workout, but how you strategize will be dependent on where your limiters are. If you have decent bar muscle ups or chin over bar pull ups, you do not want to go 100% on the first part. Think 92-94% effort so you can conserve some energy for part two.

Keep yourself moving during the rest period. Don’t lay on the floor. Get up, breathe, get your grips on, and compose yourself for the second piece. Maybe have a box or stool out and sit down on it for a few seconds immediately after you’re finished and then start moving around.


We will be following a similar structure to the past three weeks running heats from 8am – 11am! See you tomorrow!