This is the last workout of the open!!! It’s time to finish strong!!!! Set your goal to make this your best execution of the past five weeks.

For those of you who have been in this sport for a while, this is a classic couplet of movements that have been paired frequently. The volume is high. Don’t underestimate it. Each strategy will be individual to your capacity in these movements.

First things first, make sure you read the movement standards to make sure you understand the requirements.

Before I lose your attention, remember we are having an end of the open celebration at Wissahickon Brewing Company on Saturday evening! Meeting time is 5pm and we will likely hang around for a few hours. Deke’s BBQ food truck will be on site for those interested in grabbing a bite. Come celebrate the past five weeks of hard work!!!


Thrusters – smooth reps! Those who have limitations in front rack, OH, or squat mobility should take more time prepping your joints before picking up the bar.

Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups – Know the standards. Find a pull up bar that is ideal for your height. Practice jumping to the bar so you can begin your kip smoothly and not wasting energy. For TB pull ups focus on a light brush to the bar and get your knuckles high so you can use your grip to your advantage vs swinging from your fingers.

On jumping pull ups, entire you height is set up properly. Find manageable sets where you can jump up and down without wasting excess energy. When you are resting, don’t hold onto the bar! Let your arms relax, breathe, and then resume.

Strategy and Pacing Considerations

How you partition your reps will be dependent on which variation you are completing, and your capacity in those movements. For those going RX, the pull ups will likely be the fatigue limiter.

Our recommendation for everyone is to break everything up conservatively from the beginning. Below is one example of one strategy to partition.


Thrusters: 2-3 sets (11/11/11) / (18/15)

Pull Ups: 3 sets (11/11/11) / (15/12/6)


Thrusters: 2 sets (15/12)

Pull Ups: 2-3 sets (15/12) / (12/10/5)


Thrusters: 2 sets (12/9) / (15/6)

Pull Ups: 2 sets (12/9) / (15/6)


Thrusters: 1-2 sets (10/5) / 15

Pull Ups: 1-2 sets (10/5) / 15

9’s Thrusters: 1 set 9

Pull Ups: 1 set 9


We will run as similar schedule to week 1, about every half hour. We are recommending arriving 15 minutes earlier than the time you wish to workout and budget to stay after to judge the heat following yours. We need everyone to help with judging! The first two heats of the day will arrive at the same time and judge each other.