Where do I start?

Start by filling out our contact form. From there we will schedule a time for you to come by and see our facility and meet with one of our coaches. After you meet with a coach we will schedule your introductory session (assessment).

What can I expect from my intro session?

If this is your first ever exposure to CrossFit, we start things off with a functional moment screen (FMS). The FMS takes about 10-15 minutes and gives both you and the coach a sense of where to pay special attention to during your start up phase. Following the FMS, we will do additional testing and capacity work designed to complete the picture of your current state. From there we will provide you with a personalized plan for your training. If your goal is to attend group fitness classes, that plan will outline the necessary steps to get you ready for group fitness classes.

I have never worked out before or I am out of shape. Can you help?

Definitely. At Requisite Fitness, we accommodate all clients with varying needs and abilities. Whether you are just starting out, training for the sport of your choice, recovering from an injury or just wanting to stay or get healthy, we can help you. All you need is the desire to become the best version of yourself.

What if I am an existing CrossFitter?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] or use our contact form, and we will help you get scheduled with an intro session and movement screen, where you can attempt to test out of our Fundamentals Program. At that point we will help find a program that fits your needs.