PHL17 Fitness Challenge + Link to Video


We are super excited to announce our latest partnership with Zachery Lashway and PHL17! Tomorrow Wednesday, September 25th at 6:49am the first segment of our Fitness Challenge with Zachery Lashway and CrossFit215 will air. Don’t forget to set your alarm or DVR and tune in!!!


For those of you who missed it here is the link!


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Two Weeks of De-Loading

Partner Competition_448

For the next two weeks, we will be de-loading. This means that following our 8 week strength cycle, and two weeks of testing, all of your bodies got pretty beat up. This is a chance to let them come back. There will still be plenty of intensity but the volume will be a bit lower and you should refrain from any maxes. A single max effort is not the only kind of max by the way. If the strength calls for a certain percentage, and the bar just feels a little heavier than usual and bar speed is super slow, back off. A 3 x 3 should not turn into a 3 rep max on the last set. Do your weight, do not just scale up or down to others weight, this may be the difference between 85% and 95% in some cases. When in doubt, specifically ask your coach about the weight and ask them to watch your speed. Have at it in the conditioning, other than a benchmark, none of them will be designed to allow you to go “there!” You will notice some longer endurance based workouts. All you aerobic junkies, come get it.

Have a great two weeks, following that we will be starting an Olympic lift and upper body priority driven cycle.

-Crossfit 215 Team

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Sixty, and Getting Better with Age: Hiking in the Swiss Alps


Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Written by: Annie Goldenberg (Micah’s Mom)

Up until a year ago, I was the kind of person who never was a runner or lifted weights or even pushed myself excessively when it came to exercise.  Then a year ago I started going to Crossfit215.  I was 59 years old the first time I set foot in that gym and I did not think I would be able to keep up with anyone there.  But luckily I stuck with it and shortly realized that the only person I had to keep up with was myself and the part of me that wanted
to feel stronger and do stuff I’d never done before.  One day as I was cutting a few corners in my workout, I read the board at the old gym and it said “if you don’t give it
your all, the only person you’re cheating is yourself (my version of what I can remember from that board).  Wow! What a novel idea that was.  This was the next
level.  Being accountable to myself about how far I could go.  When it seemed like I couldn’t do anymore, I would hear, “come on Annie, you’re doing great,” and stay in making each movement the best it could be and see where it took me.  There was always more in there than I thought.  Surprising myself like that felt great.  But the greatest part of that was that it started spilling over into the rest of my life….I can do more that I think I can do and the only way to find out how much I can do is stay in the present moment and make it the best whatever it is, at that moment.

Given the changes of my life since March that was very timely and supportive discovery. But then it gets better because I sign up to do this training in Switzerland and as it turns out it involves hiking through the Swiss Alps for anywhere from 5 to 8 hours each day for two weeks at altitudes of 5 to 9 thousand feet.  Not only had I never hiked before but if anyone tried to get me to hike I would refuse and get angry at them.  So you can imagine my surprise when I could keep up with people 20 years younger than me, not just climb the regular trails, but scale up and down rocky cliffs and basically move like a mountain goat (my true Capricorn nature finally comes out).  Not to make it sound easy, it wasn’t.  There was the day we were walking across a bridge and I lost my footing and fell into the water and soaked both my hiking boots from the inside out.  I had to slosh up and down the mountain for seven more hours that day.  Still, how different even that was because I could still enjoy the day and the challenge of hiking in soggy boots.  Everyone around me kept saying, “I think she can do all this stuff because of that CrossFit thing she does back home,” as I helped other people get around mountain passes that were worn down and barely passable.  That felt good.  And looking out at the magnificient view from the top of a mountain, jumping into an ice cold mountain lake and walking across the pass they call the razor’s edge because the drop on either side would kill you instantly, that feeling I had never even dreamed of before.  Yup, going back for more next summer.

Thanks Crossfit215, Micah, Perrin and all the lovely folks I have met here.


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Philly Hot List + Mobility Contest Winners


Philly Hot List

Thank you to everyone who voted for CrossFit215 during the Philly Hot List contest! Because of your votes, we are proud to announce we finished in 5th place out of all of the gyms in the local area! We are grateful for the support of our members, community and extended families! For the full list of results see below


Mobility Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in August Mobility Month! We hope that each of you gained valuable knowledge on the importance of devoting time towards maintaining the body. Many of us are limited in range of motion due to neglect. Let’s face it, we know it is downright boring to spend time working through those sticky points and tight areas, but if we spent even half the amount of time working on improving mobility and flexibility as we do working out, we would all see major improvements in movement.

Congratulations to Samantha Hart for winning either a copy of Becoming a Supple Leopard or a Trigger Point Foam Roller! Sam’s consistency and dedication towards spending extra time throughout the month of August did not go unnoticed. Special shout outs to Erin B. and Carolyn for a second place tie and valiant efforts!

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Happy Birthday Micah!


Coach.  Friend.  Mentor.  Leader.  You are all of these things and more to the community of CrossFit 215. Your dedication is palpable, your support is unwavering, and you strive to make sure every person who walks through the door of CrossFit 215 leaves with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Thank you for everything you do!

Today is our fearless leader turns 33 years young! Please join us in wishing him a very happy birthday!

DSC02933-1 photo-21


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Thank You for a Great Weekend!

What makes a good competition or event? You need some good programming,  good back end planning and organization, some buffer time in case things go off track, and the right facility. But all that doesn’t matter unless you get the right people and some awesome volunteers. If you have that, the rest is just white noise.

First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out to participate. Those were some difficult workouts there, especially at the end, and all of you were fierce. It was an honor and a pleasure to watch. I personally was taken aback by the competition this time around. Making the top ten was no easy feat.

Second, thanks to all the sponsors and vendors that added some nice flair to the event. I guess I’ll slide in a thank you to our neighbors for not calling the police on us or putting up too much of a fuss, well except for the “nice’ email we got from someone who thought 9:00 am is too early to make noise and be woken up and the nice gentleman who decided not to call the tow truck.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the one thing you can not do without. All the other stuff can be worked around but you can’t execute an event like this without plenty of awesome volunteers. You guys worked so hard and were so true to the standards we hoped to uphold. I think i speak for most athletes when I say the most frustrating thing about an event is when standards are not uniform throughout. Everyone  did a wonderful job with that and I can’t thank you enough.

For those of you looking to get some pictures from this past weekend or just check them out, here is the link for Matt Godfrey Photography and the pictures from this weekend.



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Next Two Weeks

Our eight week strength cycle has come to an end. SO what can you expect now…?

For the next two weeks we will be testing, then we will have a de-loading week after that, following which we will start a new cycle. While the complete cycle is unclear and will be impacted by testing, it will most likely be an Oly driven cycle with Snatch work on Mondays and some aux stuff for the snatch on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. Thursdays will continue to be benchmark day, Saturdays will be partner days with a competition style focus, and Sundays will continue to be endurance workouts.Partner Competition_231 Partner Competition_162


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Athlete Profile: Zac and Kerry Lowe

The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have – Leonard Nemoy

To round out our featured athlete videos for the year we present to you Zac and Kerry Lowe. For those of you who don’t know Zac and Kerry, they are two of the most positive, entertaining, and good hearted people you will ever meet.  We are grateful to have them as a part of our community and continue to watch them grow together as both athletes and people. Enjoy and share!!!!

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Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Matter


No, these are not children’s shoes. I have tiny feet. Don’t judge me.

People ask me all the time why I have so many pairs of shoes. The short answer is because I’m a woman. But contrary to popular belief, most my shoe collection does serve a specific purpose, most importantly my olympic weightlifting shoes. Shortly after I started training at CrossFit215 I noticed many athletes were starting to wear weightlifting shoes for squatting and practicing the lifts. I never understood exactly why I needed different shoes, but I figured if it might help give me an edge then I was all in! I did some research online, spoke with other athletes who owned weightlifting shoes and made the purchase. If you are serious about training and have it in your budget I highly recommend getting a pair of weightlifting shoes. They don’t need to be fancy or expensive, and if you take care of them (i.e. only use them for lifting) they should last a long time. There are a lot of companies who have recently started producing weightlifting shoes designed for both CrossFit and weightlifting, so it is important you ask yourself what purpose the shoes will serve and make sure you become educated about what you are buying. The best guide resource for reviews and articles I’ve found is wlshoes.com. Additionally, the below article flushes out some arguments about why the investment may be worthwhile.

Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Matter

While shoes can help, they are by no means a magic pill. They can improve your squat by giving you the ability to squat deeper, increase range of motion in the ankle, and create more stability. On the flip side, if you have poor flexibility in your joints, especially  hips and ankles, you need to be working on fixing those issues first and foremost. Don’t use the shoes as an excuse to bypass problems that can be fixed. If you slacked during August Mobility Month I encourage you to utilize the resources we provide at the gym. I guarantee if you put in the work you will see changes and results.

Schedule Reminder

  • Monday, September 2nd – 10am class only
  • Friday, September 6th – no 5pm or 6pm class
  • Saturday, September 7th – no 9am or 10am class

PHILLY HOT LIST – Voting Ends Friday, September 6th!

There is less than a week left to vote for the Philly Hot List! f you have a moment in your day to vote for us and leave a “tip” we would be super grateful! Please also checkout our staff photographer and 215 member Matt Godfrey’s Fairmount Photography as well as our friends at David Arnold Salon!

VOTE CROSSFIT 215 http://phillyhotlist.cityvoter.com/crossfit-215/biz/663310

VOTE FAIRMOUNT PHOTOGRAPHY http://phillyhotlist.cityvoter.com/fairmount-photography/biz/575363

VOTE DAVID ARNOLD HAIR SALON http://phillyhotlist.cityvoter.com/david-arnold-hair-salon/biz/650449

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