CrossFit RedZone Sandy Hook Elementary Victim Relief WOD


CrossFit RedZone in Newtown, CT is starting a fundraiser to support the town, families, and community of Newtown after devastating event. All money raised will be going towards the Sandy Hook PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association). Kurt and Kris Kling, owners of CrossFit RedZone, grew up and still reside in Newtown and are looking to the CrossFit Community for help and support. We know our CrossFit family in vast and strong and any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
Donations made to this event will go towards supporting the families of victims and the rebuilding of the community. Helping families with counseling, service, memorials, and funeral costs. Also helping the community with replacing/rebuilding or what ever may be the plan for Sandy Hook Elementary School, and starting a scholarship fund to support the children Sandy Hook Elementary.

If you would like to donate please go here.

We will be performing the same partner workout CrossFit RedZone and other CrossFit affiliates will be participating in during the Sunday morning 11am class for those of you who would like to join. The workout is below.

The WOD: Partner WOD
10 minute AMRAP
10 Thrusters
6 Burpees
10 Kettlebell Swings
Only one partner will be moving at a time and cannot advance to the next movement until both partners have completed the movement. For example Partner A does their 10 Thrusters then partner B does their 10 thruster, then they move on. It does not matter who does the movement first so if partner A starts the thrusters it does not mean they need to start for the burpees.

Weights and standards:
Thrusters= 95 pounds for men/ 65 pounds for women
Burpees= Chest must make contact with the floor and the way down and feet must leave the ground at top position with hands above head
Kettlebell swings= 53 for men/ 35 for women

Thrusters: 75 pounds for men/ 45 for women
Burpees= Same as RX
Kettlebell swings= 35 for men/ 26 for women

CO-ED Teams: will do weights as described above just will have two sets of weights.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Partners must be either both RX or both scaled, there will be no teams with one athlete RX and the other scaled.

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2013 Whole 30 Nutrition Challenge Meeting Tonight!


Join us in kicking off the new year by participating in our 2013 Whole 30 Nutrition Challenge. We will be holding the first of two informational meetings tonight at 7:30pm in the Olympic Weightlifting room for anyone interested in participating (which is hopefully everyone!). There will be another opportunity to attend the meeting at 9am on Saturday morning as well. If you cannot attend either meeting please email [email protected] to opt in. More info to come!

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A Partner Throwdown Competition 2013



Our annual partner throwdown competition is finally here! On Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 we will be hosting a partner competition on home turf. We will have two separate divisions, one RX and one scaled. If you would like to participate you will need a partner (one male, one female) and sign up is here.
There will be a sign up board posted in the gym for individuals who are looking for a partner if interested to help everyone pair up. If you are interested in judging or volunteering please contact [email protected]

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Philly Cowshare

The wonderful people over at Philly CowShare have asked me if our gym is interested in doing another group order for delivery on January 9thto coincide with our upcoming Nutrition Challenge (details coming soon). This will be our third go-around with Philly Cowshare and the cost per share will depend on how much interest there is, but if we fill a full order it would be $350 for 1/8th share or 43 lbs. For more information including what cuts you will receive, please visit Philly CowShare’s FAQ. This is my third time ordering from Philly CowShare and can tell you their product is always top notch. If you are not convinced about the benefits of eating grassfed beef vs conventional beef, there is a wealth of informational resources available. I have listed a few below.

Eat Wild – Health Benefits

Chris Kresser – Why eat pasture-raised animal products?

Mark Sisson – More Reasons to Eat Grass-Fed


If you are interested in being a part of the cowshare please email [email protected] ASAP. Final payment dates are December 31st!

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CF215 Grand Opening/Holiday Party


We are wrapping up the final stages of our renovation process and would like to thank all of you for your patience during the past few months. We have worked tirelessly to build one of the best facilities in the area, and cannot wait to unveil the finished project with you all.

We would like to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter and close out the end of the year with a Grand Opening/Holiday Party Potluck. The event will take place at the gym on Sunday, December 16th from 5pm – 8pm. We are requesting that everyone brings  food or drink to share. There will be a sign up sheet posted in the gym  to sign up for a category (appetizer, entree, dessert, drink, etc.) We are also going to do a Yankee Swap, so if you would like to participate please bring a wrapped gift $10 or less.

Make sure to stick around for the debut of our highly anticipated media videos courtesy of Bear Bear Pro. In addition, we will be announcing some new and exciting changes and additions to CF215 in the new year. You will not want to miss it!

Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to celebrating!

– CrossFit 215

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Redemption Thank You's

On behalf of Carlos and the CrossFit 215 staff, we would to say thank you to everyone who volunteered, judged, participated, donated, and supported yesterday’s Redemption event. A special thanks to Mather Wiswall/G Wis Concepts for the amazing new t-shirt design, and Dan Rau for his printing work. We would also like to throw a shout out to Simple Brandz for providing some tasty paleo friendly snacks during the event.  It was a great day all around and we could not be more appreciative for the generosity of the community. We look forward to making next year’s event even bigger and better.

If you could not make it to the event yesterday and would still like to purchase a men’s or women’s t-shirt, please contact [email protected]

From Carlos

Thank you all for the support its overwhelming to see so many people come out to support this cause. Words can’t describe my gratitude to all of you!

There are gift certificates for TOP 3 Male & Female in the RX division complements of HYLETE. The winners have been announced on the Redemption WOD Facebook Page here.

Live Life.

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Don’t forget to register on the event page for Redemption happening this Sunday at CrossFit215!!

Please support Coach Carlos on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 in his annual Redemption Fundraiser!

From redemptionwod.com

Redemption is the official fitness fight against the current epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. This fight is in memory of three very close people that I’ve lost in the past six years: my beloved and amazing brother Frank, and my close friends Ryan and Mike.

 Participation in this workout is for all ages and athletic levels. Help us start a new addiction for a stronger, healthier, faster life style!

— Carlos Gibson

Please visit redemptionwod.com, Redemption WOD on Facebook, and the event page for more details!


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Holiday Schedule and Food Donations!

Holiday Schedule Changes

Please check Mindbody for our modified class schedule this week!

Wednesday: No 5:30 and 6:30 class
Thursday: 9am – 11am Competition Style Class
Friday: No 6am class

Additional Reading: Thanksgiving – Don’t be a Food Hangover Victim!!

Thanksgiving Food Donations

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are asking for your help! This season more then ever, there are many families in the local area struggling to make ends meet. Little Flower High School for Girls is providing 40 Thanksgiving baskets to families at the school. Each family will receive a turkey and a box of food to help them prepare a family meal. If you can help in any way, please drop off a food item in the boxes at the gym by Monday. Matt Godfrey will make sure the food gets to the families. Thank you for your kindness!

Items Needed
Boxed Mashed Potatoes
Boxed Turkey Stuffing
Cans of cranberry sauce
Cans of turkey gravy
Cans of yams
Cans of green beans
Cans of corn
Cans of carrots
Muffin or biscuit mix

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Never Back Down!

Many of you may be looking at tomorrow’s  workout (or today’s, depending on when you’re reading this) and thinking “NO F’ing WAY!” For those of you who are excited to try this or do it again, get some!

If you’re looking at this and thinking, “I can’t do this” or “this is too hard”, just STOP right there. This is one of those workouts where you get to see what you’re made of. There is no skill involved here, not much game planning, well maybe a little. For the most part this is just a simple story of life… how many times can you fall down and get up. I have an idea, start with one and repeat over and over again.

In the past, as we have done this workout a few times before, we have put a cap on this workout but it never seems to hold. Anyone who has started has finished, even if it took them longer than the 60 minute class time. Just to give you a little background on this workout, it started with a fundraiser a few years back. A couple of us, Kyle, myself and a few others decided to do 1,000 burpees to raise awareness for the upcoming event. While  this may have been one of the longest two hours of my life (not true, there’s been worse) when it was all over a couple things had emerged. 1) an intense sense of accomplishment for setting a goal and not backing down from it, 2) an increase in my “this sucks” capacity and 3) I will never be fazed or wince at anything less than 150 burpees ever again.

So come in tomorrow (today) and get your “this sucks” on. You may learn something new about yourself. Just show up, I’ll be proud of you just for being there.

Never Back Down!


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Help Support the Schuylkill Dragons!

For the second year, the Schuylkill Dragons have partnered with Crossfit 215 to stay competitive during the winter months.  The Schuylkill Dragons, founded in 2001, is the oldest continuously active women’s dragon boating team in Philadelphia. The team includes paddlers of all ages and levels ranging from beginners to those experienced in international competition. 

This Saturday, November 17th they are hosting their annual end of year party at Yard’s Brewing Company in Philadelphia. The money they raise will help support ambitions to travel to Club Crew World’s Championship in Italy in the Summer of 2014. They will spend the next season training and traveling the United States and Canada participating in races to earn a bid to represent the United States at this International Event.

To purchase tickets, donate, or learn more about this event please see the event page here!


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