215 vs Schuylkill Dragon Boat Race

The Schuylkill Dragons have challenged our gym to a competitive friendly dragon boat race on the river! As some of you may or may not know, CrossFit 215 partnered with the Schuylkill Dragons during the winter of this past year, integrating a strength and conditioning program into their off-season training. The Dragons have invited us to join them on the water and show us what they do best – race! Here are the details of the 215 vs SD Challenge:

Date: Sunday, September 23rd
Time: 2PM (subject to change)
Where: Camden County Boat House (only a few miles across the Ben Franklin Bridge)
Address: 7050 N. Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ
# of 215’ers needed: 18 paddlers and one drummer (drummer should be on the smallish side)

The event is expected to take at least two hours. The Schuylkill Dragons will give everyone some instruction on land and then water. The session will end with a head to head race between CrossFit 215 and the Schuylkill Dragons!

If you are interested in participating and can make this date, please comment on this post! For any additional questions please email [email protected]

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Weekend Competitions and 31 Heroes

Saturday Competitions

We have many athletes competing in a few different local competitions this weekend. Adler will be throwing down at the Festivus Games hosted by CrossFit South Philly. The first heat kicks off at 9AM for anyone who would like to show some support!

In the evening on Saturday we have a handful of athletes competing in CrossFit Love’s Summer Classic event at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Admission to this event is free, so if you are not competing we are encouraging you to come down and cheer on all of the 215ers. There will be an after party with a DJ, vendor tents, mini competitions for non-competing athletes and other exciting events. You won’t want to miss it!

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS! We need some helping hands to assist in moving our pull up rig down to Northern Liberties for the Summer Classic event. If you can donate some of you time please contact Micah and let him know. Plan to meet at the gym by 3PM on Saturday. This is the perfect opportunity to apply your fitness for the greater good!

31 Heroes

We will continue to support the 31 Heroes Project this year by running the partner wod on Saturday morning during both 9AM and 10AM classes. Open gym will still be an option at 10AM. The mission of the 31 Heroes from the website is as follows

“The 31Heroes Project exists to honor our fallen heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 through fitness and raise funds for programs that provide support to families of all fallen military heroes—past, present, and future.

All funds raised in 2012 will be split three ways going to the following organizations: Snowball Express, the Travis Manion Foundation‘s Challenge Grants program, and the memorial funds of each of the men killed in action August 6, 2011. Please check out the websites of these great organizations for more information about what amazing things they are doing in the lives of surviving military families!”

This is a partner workout that will be sure to test your strength and mental fortitude for all 31 minutes of work. We will be programming a scaled version of this workout for members who we deem not quite ready to complete this workout as prescribed. This is for safety reasons only. If you do not have a partner you can still participate on Saturday and we will have a single athlete version of the workout ready for you. Come out and support a great cause! For more information and to donate to the 31 Heroes project please visit their website.

We BETTER see you at some point, somewhere on Saturday!!

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Summer Slam Success!

Congratulations to every athlete who competed in CrossFit Generation’s Summer Slam team competition on Saturday. Our three teams made up of three guys and three girls went head to head against local affiliates CrossFit Generation, CrossFit King of Prussia and CrossFit Center City.

For many of our members, this was their first competition outside of our home box. Special props to Morgan R. and Micah for stepping in during workout one under short notice. Morgan competed in the first workout twice in back to back heats when we were short a girl. Still a bit under the weather, Micah stepped up and filled in on another team when we were short a guy. Our team comprised of Mike A, Tim, Steve, Sarah C, Sarah D and Emily showed a ton of resilience throughout the day, with an especially strong finish during a long chipper in the pouring rain. Intern Mike got his first taste of CrossFit competition joining Jess, Meg, Morgan R, Matt G, and Jake to make up our second team who missed qualifying for the final workout by only a few spots. Our top team of Amy, Rachel, Perrin, Marc, Sean K and Kevin competed hard throughout the day with a first place finish in workout three and never placed lower then fourth in any workout. Both Marc and Kevin showed their strength by finishing the full clean & jerk ladder during workout two, while many of our other athletes set new PR’s on their clean & jerks during the same workout. At the end of the day our best team finished tied for second place out of 15 teams!

We are so proud of everyone who competed! Thank you to the host gym CrossFit Generation for putting on a great event, and to all of the supporters who came to cheer us on. We hope everyone will join us next time!

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Saturday's Festivities

**REMINDER** All regularly scheduled 9am and 10am classes are cancelled due to the competition.

For those of you competing in CrossFit Generation’s Summer Slam competition, please meet at CrossFit 215 at 7:30AM on Saturday morning if you would like to carpool to the event. Athlete registration begins at 8AM. If you choose to drive separately, please see the attached flyer regarding parking and other event information. If you are meeting at the gym email [email protected] so we know to wait for you.

We still need 1 male and 2 females. Are you still on the fence? If so, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know that competition brings out the best in you? Sign up on the whiteboard in the gym and help rep Team CrossFit215 as we compete against other local gyms in the area.

Here is another update from CF Generation including a schedule of events

The first WOD kicks off promptly at 9AM and the entire event is planned to conclude around 3PM. Afterwards, all 215 members are invited to a BBQ/Pool party beginning at 4:30PM. The address is written on the whiteboard at the gym.

We hope everyone can come join us for one or both of these exciting events on Saturday!

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Gym vs Gym

For those of you competing this weekend please review the wods below. We still need guys and girls to fill out our team. Come join us!

For video standards please click the links on the headers below

WOD #1

In 12 min: 200 m plate carry (as a team) Then, AMRAP- ~30 m tire sled drag In addition, each team member must complete 100 DU’s or 300 singles in the allotted time

*Each team gets set of six bumper plates (2 x 45, 1 x 35, 3 x 25) **Must move entire set of bumper plates one sled drag at a time( in any combination) with only one athlete pulling at a time. Each time all six plates have been moved is one round. The sled must be pulled back to the start (empty) to load more plates. After all six plates have been moved, start over and move the set of plates again. Each round (all plates moved) is 200 pounds. ***Score is total pounds moved minus incomplete double-unders

WOD #2

Clean & Jerk Ladder

Females: 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165

Males: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245

*Move through with your team, in groups of three (3 males/3 females) **1 min 15 sec to perform lifts, 15 sec to rotate

***Score is total weight of maximum successful lift for all team members

WOD #3

For time: Run 400 (as a team) 300 box jumps Run 400 (as a team) 300 KB swings Run 400 (as a team) 300 goblet squats Run 400 (as a team)

*25 minute cap **Box jumps: 100 reps per box (22, 24, 28) ***Swings/Goblet Squats: 100 reps per bell (35, 45, 55) ****May not start movements until all team members have completed run

We are less than three weeks away from our Gym vs Gym, which take place at CrossFit Generation in Hatboro Horsham. I know there has not been a whole lot of chatter about this event, but it’s sure to be a good time. 215 needs to show up with 24 athletes and at this time we area little short. We are still in need of a few good men and women.

We, the 215 team, are always encouraging people to try competitions. You would be amazed what you are capable of when put in the right environment. This event is no different. No matter how long you have been training at 215, we want you to join our team. No matter your performance level, we want you to join our team. Whatever your fears or doubt may be, lets face them together and go kick some ass! Those of you that can definitely not compete please come out and support 215.

To sign up, please write your name on the small whiteboard on the gym floor. Following the event, which should end by 3pm at the latest, will be an after party… pool and BBQ style. For more information regarding a few standards that need to be met, please check out CF Generation’s post here.

BBQ / Pool Party
Directly following the gym vs gym, everyone who participated, supported and anyone else part of the 215 community is invited to a come out for some good eats, good people, good times, and water festivities.
Date: July 28th
Time: 4:30pm

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July Philly CowShare – UPDATE


Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the cowshare – the responses were quick and overwhelming. I will be replying to individual emails soon with other details and payment instructions.  We are receiving a red angus from Tussock Sedge Farm in Bucks County, PA. The farm only supplies local grass finished beef with no hormones and no antibiotics. Delivery date will be July 18th at the gym. If you are still interested in participating in the cowshare please email me ASAP.

The wonderful people over at Philly CowShare have asked me if our gym is interested in doing another group order for delivery in July. We did an order back in January and the feedback was great! The cost per share will depend on how much interest there is, but a ballpark estimate would be around $350 for 1/8th share or 43 lbs. For more information including what cuts you will receive, please visit Philly CowShare’s FAQ. I have ordered from Philly CowShare twice now and can tell you their product is top notch. If you are not convinced about the benefits of eating grassfed beef vs conventional beef, there is a wealth of informational resources available. I have listed a few below.

Eat Wild

Robb Wolf’s Angry Tirade

The Paleo Mom

If you are interested in being a part of the cowshare please comment or email [email protected].

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CrossFit for Hope – A Huge Success!

Thank you to all of the athletes, sponsors, fellow affiliates, and volunteers who helped make the event on Saturday a huge success. We could not have done it without you and we look forward to making this event even bigger and better next year! To date, CrossFit for Hope has raised $1.3mm for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you were not able to make a donation on Saturday you can still donate online.

*Photos taken by Chris Plentus

Special thanks to Starfinder Foundation for hosting us, and  Wodify for scoring the event. For full results of scores click here. A VERY special thanks to all those who stayed after a long day to help break down.

Thank you Chris Plentus for some AMAZING photos.
CrossFit For Hope fundraiser – part 1/2
Crossfit For Hope fundraiser – part 2/2

A Few Upcoming Events…

June 23rd – Resistance Stretching workshop 9am-12:30
June 23rd – CrossFit Explode Fundraiser 12pm – ?
July 28th – Gym vs. Gym – CF Gen, CF KOP & CF 215
August 4th – Summer Classic hosted by CF Love



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WODIFY – 215 has gone digital!

Hey 215’ers, welcome to Wodify.

I met these guys only a week or so ago, and I immediately realized they had a product you guys would like. So here it is…

You all should be receiving an email today welcoming you to Wodify. This system will be a resource for you to track your performance in the gym. In the next week or two you will see the disappearance of a couple of our whiteboards and they will be replaced by two kiosks. This is where you will log-in when you get to class and also log your performance at the end of class. You will also be using this system to register for class as well. I know, I know but you love MindBody!!! MB will still be used for billing, but you will no longer need to register for class on MB once Wodify gets up and running (about a week or so).

So what do you do today..?

Log in and set up your profile. Your default program will be “Fitness,” but feel free to change that to Performance or Competition (remember, if you want to do Competition it must be cleared with Micah first). Go in and back log as many of your lifts and/or “Named/Hero” WODs so they are stored. One of the great features of this system is if you come in to class the day one of these workouts is being done, the system will automatically generate your previous numbers for you to compare. There a bunch of other cooler features we will show you once we go live (with programming) but one of which is a leader-board you can access from your mobile or computer to see how everyone has done that day.

This service will be FREE for the first month and then the cost to use it will $3 per month going forward.

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CrossFit For Hope

Congratulations to everyone who came out for Murph on Monday.

A special salute to Sarah, Army Reserve, who wore a vest for the run.

An ada boy to Juan, fresh out of On-ramp, for completing his first “Murph”. Hey Juan, welcome to the jungle!

CrossFit For Hope

Hey 215ers, next weekend is CrossFit for Hope. For those of you that are unaware of what that is, it is a fundraiser produced by CrossFit HQ. If you are familiar with Fight Gone Bad, it is the new FGB. This year the local Pennsylvania and New Jersey CrossFits have teamed up to put on large scale event. Your own CF 215 has been spearheading this and the event is taking place in Manayunk at the Starfinder Organization on Main Street.

So what does this mean for you guys…? A couple things….

First, I would love it if everyone came out and participated next Saturday by doing the workout. All you have to do is show up next weekend or you can check back Monday for heat times and request a specific workout time. This workout will be challenging but doable. For more on the the workout and CF for Hope click here.

Second, I am still looking for some help both for set-up and volunteering / judging that day. Next Friday night we will be assembling a pull-up system at Starfinder. The more hands the easier and quicker this will be – fun too! If you can lend a hand meet us there at 7:30 pm or at the gym at around 6:30. The day of we need both volunteers, but most importantly judges. If you are available next Saturday from 8am to about 1pm please come out and help, I could really use your help.

If you have any questions about the event please don’t hesitate to ask. Check out the video HQ did on the Philly affiliates coming together for this event. Video Link



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Training Updates, FAQ and Upcoming Events

Here we are two weeks into our multilayer programming and I would like to check in with everyone  to see how you are feeling. So far so good from a coaching standpoint. Most athletes are handling their training  well and have been selecting the levels appropriate to their ability. There have been a couple questions raised which I feel would be best answered in a FAQ page so check back later this week for details on verbiage and nomenclature.


A few reminders about where you are with your layers. Don’t be too anxious to move outside of where you fit right now. You will lose nothing by training in the fitness level if you feel you are on the bubble. The difference between these two layers is not priorities or goals but rather more appropriate use of movements and time under tension given certain lifts. The Performance layer is not meant to be scaled nor are they designed for you as an athlete to cherry pick movements between the two.

Upcoming Events

WOD for Warriors (WFW) – May 27th
This Saturday is WFW and we will not run a normal 9am and 10am class this weekend.  Instead, warming up for this event will start at 9a and  heats will be set up from there. If you need to leave early please let Perrin know when you get there. The workout is a partner WOD just like last year and is sure to be a good one! Hope to see everyone there!

Click here for the WFW workout and their page.

CrossFit For Hope – June 9th
CrossFit for Hope is in two weeks and 215 is hosting this event. The event will take place at Starfinder in Manayunk and a bunch of local affiliates will be there. For those of you that are around next weekend the 215 family wants you there. the workout is the same structure at FGB but this year all proceeds will go to St Jude’s hospital.

There has been some confusion as to where you sign up for this event and unfortunately this is not a simple answer. To help us with organization that day and pre-assigning heats I am asking people to register on Eventbrite at http://pacfffh.eventbrite.com. To sign up to raise money or to make a donation please register at www.crossfitforhope.com.

Resistance Stretching Workshop
Saturday, June 23rd, 9AM to 12:30PM
Where: CrossFit215
Cost: $75 per person CrossFit215 members, $100 non-members. CrossFit215 members will receive a complimentary bonus stretching book in addition to a discounted price
Register: www.intrinsichealthsystems.com/events
For More Info: Click Here

Gym vs Gym
Keep your calendar’s open…. July 28th we will be heading up to CrossFit Generation for gym vs gym vs gym between us, KOP and CF Gen.

Holiday Schedule

Sunday – NO Class
Monday – NO AM classes and there will be a 4:30pm class only.
Always check MindBody on holidays for possible workout times.


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