Nutrition workshop!!



Team Outlaw athlete and Outlaw Crossfit (HQ) head coach Nicole Capurso will be joining us on May 24th (9am-5pm) for the Outlaw Performance Nutrition Workshop. Learn how to properly use food as fuel through an approach that balances macros (carbs, fat, and protein) in an accurate and specific manner.

Whether the goal is to cut weight, gain weight, maintain weight, improve energy through workouts, enhance recovery, aesthetics, or any combination of these needs; there is a proper method and formula. This is not a camp to preach one method of eating over another – it is simply an explanation of science and the way the body actually uses specific nutrients to fuel specific activities.

The Outlaw Performance Nutrition Workshop will be hosted by Team Outlaw athlete and Outlaw Crossfit (HQ) head coach, Nicole Capurso. She holds a BA in Exercise Science from Hofstra University where she also played Division 1 basketball for four years. She is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer through the National Council of Strength and Fitness, and is both a USAW and CrossFit L1. Nicole is also a two-time CrossFit Regional competitor, three time USAW national meet Weightlifter, and Miami Surge NPGL team athlete; who has found great success in utilizing this method of balancing macronutrients to originally drop an entire weight class and then maintain it, in order to be able to compete in multiple sports simultaneously.

For more info and to register – visit outlawnutrition.eventbrite.com now! Tickets are limited, so don’t miss out!! @honoryourdonuts #crossfit #crossfit215 #teamoutlaw #nutrition #honoryourdonuts #eatlikecole

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Special Class – This Saturday!

Special Saturday Class ft. Our New Coach – Leanne!

This Saturday, instead of our typical oly/partner deal, we’ll be holding Spartan-esque training sessions @ 9am and 10am. These will be taught by Leanne – the newest member of our 215 Family. Many of you have already met Leanne within the past few weeks, but this is a great time to see her in her element – make sure you don’t miss out on these classes!


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New Addition to the Family



Leanne Weiner
I am super excited to announce that 215 has a new team member joining our staff. We have always striven to have one of the most diverse coaching teams in Philly and Leanne is nothing short of adding to that. With a very diverse background in health and fitness, she brings a new perspective on movement to our team.

A recent Philadelphia transplant, Leanne has been a New York City based fitness coach & trainer since 2009 & an online coach for DailyBurn since 2014. Her background in gymnastics, aerial arts, functional fitness methods & corrective exercise (“pre-hab”) contribute to a unique style of thoughtful, movement-based training. Outside of the gym, Leanne enjoys bouldering, yoga & running (short distances), & regularly practices hand balancing & solo static trapeze. She is also a competitive Spartan Race athlete, a monkey bar fanatic, & an advocate for full extension in strict pull-ups. Education: BBS Marketing & MA Education

Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, TRX Suspension Trainer Certified , TRX Rip Trainer Certified, RRCA Running Coach, Spartan Group Training Certified, Functional Anatomy L1 course with Brent Brookbush, DPT, Ido Portal Movement X workshop, Yuval Ayalon Handstand workshop, CPR/AED/FA

Leanne will be shadowing and assisting classes for the next couple weeks but look for her to do a couple clinic series sessions while she is getting acclimated.


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MORE Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events

With the Open coming to a close, it’s time to talk about some other events we have coming up within the next couple of weeks…

Awards Night

This Wednesday, April 1st, we’ll be having our closing ceremony for The Open, where we’ll be crowing our top competitors from each division. Top athletes (male/female Rx and male/female Scaled) will be receiving a gift basket courtesy of our friends over at UCAN. A lot of you have already taken advantage of the UCAN products we carry, but if you haven’t you are missing out (and need to get on that!). These guys have sponsored our in-house Open Competition and have been kind enough to provide us with 4 awesome gift baskets filled with all the goodies you could ever want, worth over $100 in products. A rep from UCAN will be here as well to give out samples for everyone that attends that night. Hope to see everyone there (: The event will run 6PM-630PM, so classes will run as followed: Wednesday 4/1 6am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 630pm, and 730pm.


 Rope Climbing Workshop: Can’t seem to get the whole climbing, foot over foot thing down? Keep reading.

First off! I’m sure by now you’ve all noticed the fancy silks and aerial stuff in the back and many of you have met the awesome Niff Nicholls who has been teaching it all (and is very good too). Lucky you guys, she’ll be teaching our upcoming Rope Climbing Workshop on Saturday, April 4th @ 10AM. Here’s a little description of what to expect: “Learn to improve your technique and efficiency when climbing rope, as well as some new, challenging, and fun ways to train, from a 10 year professional teaching artist and aerial acrobat, Niff Nicholls.” The class is limited to 6 people, so it’s a first come, first serve workshop (don’t worry, this workshop is the first of many!). It’s also “pay what you will,” so the day of, we’ll have a little jar for you to put cash in. Niff is a great instructor and I know plenty of you would love to hone in on this skill – so sign up on Wodify NOW!


Dance WOD.

I’ve seen plenty of you dancing mid-workout (I’m talking to you Chris) – so we’re holding a Dance WOD for you guys! This one is Friday, April 10th @ 7PM. Come to the 6PM and then dance after. Or just come and get your dance on as your workout for the day (hence the name- Dance WOD). Either way, it sounds perfect to me. Here’s a description for you: “Dance WOD with Ruby – Get sweaty and dance-y but no dance skills required – just for fun and a great active recovery workout.  Girls and guys are welcome!” This one is open to everyone (at no extra cost!). Excited? Yeeeah!

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Upcoming Events

Hey Open Athletes, don’t forget to submit your scores!

Even if you are not doing the open, we have some exciting events coming up that everyone can participate in. All these events will be in the CrossFit 215 calendar on our home page.

Heads up battles for THE OPEN!
Over the next four weeks we will be doing heads up battles for the announcement of the open workouts. Come in each Thursday night and watch two of our own get after it once the workout is announced:

Thursday, March 5th @ 8PM – Zach vs Kevin
Thursday, March 12th @ 8PM – Anne Marie vs Erin
Thursday, March 19th @ 8PM – Bob vs Mike
Thursday, March 26th @ 8PM – TBD

Feel free to attend 7pm class beforehand or just stop in at 8. Hope to see everyone there — and BYOB!  For our new athletes this is great time to meet some more of our athletes.

Mobility Sundays (for the next three weeks)
Over the next couple Sundays, we will be focus on mobility, recovering and maintenance. On March 8th and 22nd, Coach Kyle and I will be there guiding you through a REAL mobility session while showing a movie. Many of us mobilize before workouts, but that’s just scratching the surface. To make changes in our structure we need to dedicate real time to it, not 10-15 minutes before we work out. Kyle and I may also do some hands on work (structural integration) if you’re lucky (or unlucky) depending on how you view it.

On March 15th, students from PCOM will be coming in after the open workouts to do some manipulation work. This is a chance for them to get some good practice on athletes and a chance for you to get work done. No regostration necessary, just come in. This event, as well as the movie viewings, are open to all members of the community — not just open athletes.

Sunday, March 8th @ 12:30PM – Movie Mobility Time
Sunday, March 15th @ 12:3PM – Osteopathic Manual Manipulation w/ PCOM students
Sunday, March 22nd @ 12:30PM – Movie Mobility Time

WOD & WINE – Friday, March 20th @ 6:30PM
Ladies of 215, do you have a friend that you want to show the gym to? That friend or co-worker who keeps saying they want to get healthier or get moving…? Bring them down for our WOD & Wine event on March 20th at 6:30, during which the gym will be closed to our guy athletes (sorry, dudes). I will be programming a workout that is approachable for anyone and can also be scaled up for those who want to increase the intensity. No registration is necessary, but if you know you have someone coming and I can send them the waiver in advance, please let me know. Even if you’re not bringing a friend, come anyway!  FYI: we will be holding regular class at 4pm and 5pm, open to all athletes.

Also, ladies, some of you may not know we have a Warrior Women Facebook group. The purpose of this group is to provide another forum of communication amongst our 215 female athletes. If you are not in our Warrior Women group yet, email Jes to get access.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

– Micah


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The CrossFit Open


The Crossfit Open is upon us. It has taken me some time to get this out as each year I look at our group before I put my recommendation out as to whether you participate in the open. Well, you SHOULD! So first for some of you what is The OPEN? it’s five weeks of workouts supplied by CF HQ. They typically get harder as the five weeks go on but there are a couple reasons why you should do this… Instead of me listing all of them, I think your reason is probably in this video:

In addition to simply doing this for yourself, just to refocus your training possibly, I want to provide you with some additional incentive. This year they have added a scaled division so with this, we will be doing an in house competition based around The Open. For everyone that signs up for The Open, we will be crowing two kings and two queens at the end, one male and one female for each division. The winners will all get a gift certificate to 215. Here is some more information from CF HQ on the scaled division. In order to be eligible for the top position you must register online for The Open. We will be doing the workouts as a group on Sundays in place of the endurance workout at 11AM. See you this Sunday!

For more information on The Open, click here!

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Partner Comp: 215 & 1Force!

Partner Comp 2015


this Saturday at CrossFit 1Force!

Just a reminder that some of 215’s finest will be competing – so come out and support your fellow athletes. First workout is at 8am. Hope to see everyone there!

For those of you that are curious as to what the workouts look like for the Saturday – here are the links:

WOD 1 & 2
WOD 3 & 4 + Floater

partner-wod Athletes, please arrive at 7am. Judges / Volunteers please try to make it friday at 7pm or Sat morning by 6:45am.

Classes are canceled this Saturday, so to get your CrossFit fix come watch 215 kill it at this partner comp!

Stay connected by posting pictures and check in with the hashtag


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New year already bringing you stress? Or is flexibility your main issue? Or are you just looking to try something new? Lucky you! We’re going to be running a few yoga classes throughout the remainder of January. Each class will run 90 minutes. Here are the dates and times:

– Saturday January 17th @ 7:30 AM
– Thursday January 22nd @ 8:00 PM
– Saturday January 31st @ 7:30 AM

These classes will be $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers.
You’ll be able to register for them through Wodify, just like you would for class.
All levels welcome!

yoga dog

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Grid Score

Just a couple reminders about the upcoming weekend (and Monday & Tuesday)….


Tomorrow we will be holding Grid Day at CrossFit 215. This is open to everyone and it’s free. We have five tasks for each athlete to accomplish:

  1. Muscle-Ups – Complete as many ring muscle-ups as possible in 80 seconds.
  2. Thrusters – Complete 20 thrusters (135/95#) as fast as possible (4-minute cap).
  3. Rope Climbs – Complete 4 rope climbs (15 feet) for time (2-minute cap).
  4. Clean and Jerk – Complete 2 clean and jerk repetitions at maximum weight (same weight) starting from prone position (20-second time cap). *You can take more than one attempt.
  5. Ground-to-Overhead / Bar-over-Burpees – 15 GTO (135/95#), then 10 bar-over burpees, then 15 G2O AFAP (5-min cap).

For more details on the NPGL and your Grid Score check out these links.

There will be no classes tomorrow and anyone of all levels is welcome. This is also welcome  and encouraged for anyone who wants to get their Grid Score. If you have friends from another facility or just are seeing via the web, come on over between 10 and 2 – we will be here. You can arrive anytime, we will be starting heats most likely every 60 minutes and we have separate room for warming up. We will provide a recommended warm up for those people who would like it. There will also be representatives from the Miami Surge here at 215 tomorrow, we can help you get your self set up with your grid profile (required for an invite to a Pro Day).



Nutrition Reminder:

On Monday and Tuesday of next week (12th and 13th), we will be holding a Nutrition seminar to kick off 2015. Kyle will be sharing information of healthier living through better eating. Simply attending this seminar (free for members) will set you up to clean up your fuel intake and even help you if you are considering a cleanse like a Whole 30, although this is not required for you to do. Following both seminars, i will be introducing a more personal opportunity for cleaning up your diet. This will be more of a challenge with prizes given to the winner. This challenge will involve 6 weeks of your time and be personalized for each participant. There will be a nominal cost associated with this program. More information to come on Monday and Tuesday but you don’t need to decide until then. this challenge will be heard towards those people that either feel like they might need a little bit of a hand hold through this process or if you are trying to really dial in your intake in a more precise manner. For now, if you are considering this, just make sure you attend Monday or Tuesday.


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Welcome to 2015!

I wanted to welcome everyone into the new year. We had a great year and the team at 215 is very excited about the upcoming year. I wanted to give you all an opportunity to hear from your team about this past year before we talk about what to expect from the upcoming year. I asked your coaches to reflect on 2014, various questions, and here is what they said…..

My overall experiences as a coach gets better as the years go on. I like that people seem to trust my opinion more as time passes. I like to speak off of my own experiences as an athlete. I struggle with some movements because I can’t perform them well myself. But when I give someone a useful tip on powerlifting or Olympic lifting and they make progress as a result, that’s something I truly enjoy. Diane is one of my favorite inspirational athletes. Her transformation over the years is a notable one.

[As an athlete] I am thankful for trying the smolov cycle. It taught me a lot about pressing through a very daunting task. At the beginning I felt like I was at the bottom of a mountain looking up at the peak, but each day and each week you chip away at each lift, and over time you get through it. It was beneficial from a mental and physical standpoint. Although it sidelined me for a bit of time, it was a worthwhile experience.

In 2015, I’m looking forward to Improving as an athlete, as well as coach. Working on nutrition a little more seriously with less cheat days, and completing a Wendler strength cycle. After Wendler, I would like to try another cycle of some sorts, perhaps Olympic lifting. That way I can speak through experience while I coach, and in turn will make me a better one.
I would like to thank everyone for another year of their trust in allowing to help guide them to stronger fitter bodies and hopefully consequently better lives. Special shout out to the Monday night faithful. You know who you are. I look forward to seeing you every week. Thank you to everyone who’s allowed me to practice my body work therapy on them over the last year. It can be intense at times. But I hope it has been worth it for all of you. I’ve got so many plans and ideas for 2015. Can’t wait to share them with everyone.
As 2014 draws to a close I started reflecting back on things I was grateful for and proud of this year. I want to start off by thanking everyone in the 215 family for welcoming me with open arms. I come from a place where everyone has their headphones in, head down, and focus solely on themselves. 215 was the exact opposite! I was overwhelmed by how strong of a community you guys / gals have created. Everyone has their personal goals, but you all want to see each other succeed. That is a feeling I was missing before joining the team. Coaching multiple times a week has become the highlight of my days. I look forward to going to work! It’s amazing watching everyone grow and progress. You guys inspire me to push harder in my own workouts.
This year I decided to start saying “Yes” to every opportunity that came my way. From competing in / judging small competitions, to judging HUGE competitions with CrossFit Games level athletes. It didn’t matter that I was volunteering, driving 12 hours total, and paying for my own stay. Those opportunities led me to become a professional referee in the National Pro Grid League. In a couple months I had traveled to the West Coast twice, up and down the East Coast, and met so many amazing people. All because I took a chance, committed to the task, and gave it my all. You have all made the same decision by joining CrossFit 215, committing to your fitness, and giving every workout all you have. My experience there made me more aware than ever to the importance of proper movement. Not only for performance, but for safety as well. I hope this shows in my coaching.
In 2015, I look forward to furthering my coaching knowledge, widening my skill base, and continuing to take advantage of every opportunity. I can’t wait to see our athletes improve physically and mentally. Thank you again to everyone for pushing me to improve myself. You guys are my biggest motivation!

Taylar Stallings has been an inspirational athlete for me this past year – I know her from the powerlifting world. She’s lauded greatly in the sport and made a 360 degree, completely athletic transition, into the top level of the sport of Grid (CrossFit). She’s evidence that strength is the base of all (mental and physical).

Every athlete in my 6am and 9am classes has motivated me this year.  Ive considered the hour of the day in which they train and they’ve motivated me as a coach to adapt warmups to their needs.  My creation of the grip and tension warmup was inspired by my early crew.  The needs of the body are much different at that hour than in the evening. They are all typically headed to work, from their child’s school, from an all night shift of law enforcement, or heading to one of the many tasks of their day.  They all find time to hit 215 for a bit of self preservation and self improvement.

I have lots of love for the 215 family in general and I’d like to thank my 6am and 9am classes for inspiring me to do more.  Ah, but I have to mention two people who have really had me in awe lately.  Kyle George and Garrett Fitzgerald!  Garrett has been working with Kyle in the mornings and I’ve seen a transformation in Garrett that is honestly really moving.  He’s starting to stand differently.  He’s moving weight different than before. I probably tell him twice per week, but I am extremely proud of Garrett.  Kyle, as always, is cultivating greater things with garret each day.  They’ll surely motivate me in 2015, I plan to build bone crushing strength-same as last year. I also plan to be the best version of myself.  I am thankful for the support of the many 215 athletes when I compete. You guys know I have a competition and bombard me with good luck wishes. I love that!

I wanted to take this chance to share with everyone how impressed I’ve been with the attendance and work put up each week in the Sunday endurance class. Everyone’s form is looking solid and together we are all getting more accustomed to tackling more meters to row in the workouts. As a previous collegiate rower and now coach, it makes me happy to know that we are all being safe and getting faster and faster on the ergs. With that being said, an exciting opportunity has come to my attention that I want to encourage us all to participate in. The full competition information and registration to come soon but feel free to check it out here: www.rowdroyalty.com.

Check back Wednesday for more…


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