New Year's Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday 12/30: Classes as scheduled

Wednesday 12/31 (NYE): 6am, 9am, and 4pm, 5pm (6pm, and 7pm canceled)

Thursday 1/1 (NYD): 9am (all other classes cancelled)

Friday 1/2: 9am (all other classes cancelled)

Saturday 1/3 and Sunday 1/4: Classes as scheduled

Have a great week!! (:

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Testing the Next Two Weeks and the New YEAR!


Ok folks, as 2014 comes to a close, we will be closing with some testing to see how your year fared. We will be testing over the next two weeks right up to the holiday. This also will tie into our holiday hours; if days are omitted that means there is no testing or schedule changes that day. Most likely that means energy system work (work:rest) or recovery work. So the schedule for the next two weeks looks like this:

*Monday 12/15 – Back Squat & Press
Tuesday 12/16 – Snatch & Front Squat
Thursday 12/18 – Olympic Lift Complex
Friday 12/19 – Benchmark, “Soul of a Lion”
Monday 12/22 – Power Clean & Push/Split Jerk
*Tuesday 12/23 – Deadlift & Close Grip Bench Press
Wednesday 12/24 – 6am, 9am, 3pm, 4pm Classes will be held
5pm, 6pm, & 7pm are CANCELLED
Thursday 12/25 – Closed
Friday 12/26 – 9am and 4pm Classes,
     6am, 5pm, & 6pm are CANCELLED

The important thing to note here is that starting in January we have two things happening. One is we will be starting a new strength cycle. The important lifts to have for this are marked above with an asterisks (*). So if your holiday schedule is totally wacked out, try to make sure you are here for those two days. This cycle will last for 8 weeks and will also include some CrossFit Open prep as well.

Lastly, we’ll be doing a nutritional challenge to kick start the New Year, and this year, it will be a little different. It will have a buy in and it will also have a winner, which will include a cash prize. More details to follow, but yes, we got you covered for your New Years resolution. Get excited!

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Holiday Party (and other stuff too)

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.43.24 PM


Just wanted to remind you of our referral rewards program – just in time for the holidays! You all know that if you refer a friend that signs up for one of our contracts, we’ll give you $100. Instead of spending tons of money on gifts – you could give the gift of CrossFit… for free! Think about it: pick someone who you know will want to sign up for one of our contracts and for the holidays, you can give them 100$ gift certificate to go towards their first month. Then, when they do sign up for a contract we’ll give you that $100 right back. That’s a free gift! And whoever you give it to gets to join our community – so it’s basically the best gift ever.







And our gift to you – a lot of you know about our affiliation with Custom Fit Meals, but for you new comers… Custom Fit Meals is a great way to tackle the common problem of time constraints when it comes to eating healthy. With CFM, you can choose from tons of freshly prepared meals (and they use unprocessed ingredients too!). All meals are prepared in a fully licensed commercial kitchen by a team of culinary chefs, delivered safely to CrossFit 215 via a refrigerated vehicle, and stored on-site in the Custom Fit Meals cooler. Another great perk is the “filter” option: you can choose what meats you would want or if you’re gluten-free, legume-free, dairy-free, paleo they have options that meet those guidelines too! All you have to do is pick your menu for the week and boom – heat and eat. As part of a holiday special, CFM is offering 10% off of your first order. This is a great opportunity to try it out and see if it’s for you. Start out with a small order and then if you decide you like it, use the discount code for a bigger order. The code is CF215. I can’t stress enough how convenient and awesome CFM is – the food is delicious and the menu is great. Check them out at customfitmeals.com




Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.57.36 PM

One more thing! We’re having a holiday party/potluck Sunday, December 21st!! Drinks, food, music, friends, family, ….and more food. What more could you ask for? There will be a sheet on the events wall for people to sign up for what they are bringing. Whether you bring starters, entrees, desserts, or dranks is up to you. It’ll start up around 5PM, and then we can start dishing out food around 6PM. Sounds good? Good. We’ll see you there!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today as you all know is a day to give thanks. I’m sure most of us could sit and talk for hours about all the things we are grateful for on various levels and that in itself is something to be thankful for. I sometimes feel a way about using this platform to share what I am personally thankful for but the truth is that the people that read this blog are one of the biggest things I am grateful for.

I am sure that I speak for all of the staff at CF215 when I say how grateful we are that all of you have found your way to us. I am thankful that you all have the strength to show up each day, challenge yourselves, and give all of us an opportunity to do what we do. Having that opportunity is a gift and we know that.

As for myself, I also am equally grateful for all those I consider friends and peers outside of our own community who have played a role in helping me get to where I am. I still marvel at all the wonderful people that have made there way into this profession. Whether it be other coaches out there and other gym owners. My mentors and everyone who has taught me something along the way, you have all laid footprints for me that will never be washed away. To say it again, I am professionally most grateful for my 215 family, both past and present. The gift you give me everyday which is allowing me to do what I do is such a blessing. You all come only second in my gratitude to have found the greatest gift of all, my best friend, the love of my life and the greatest partner in crime I could have ever hoped for.

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Holiday Week Schedule


For thanksgiving week, we will be having the following schedule:

Monday – Regular class schedule
Tuesday – Regular class schedule
Wednesday – 6am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm
Thursday – 9am class only. 
Friday – 9am class only
Saturday – Regular class schedule
Sunday – Regular class schedule

Expect something fun the day after thanksgiving to help you burn off some of those extra calories you took in.

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CrossFit Total, Saturday, November 1st

It’s that time of year again, time to test your metal! In less than two weeks we will be doing the Crossfit Total. This is designed to give you a good idea basic idea of overall strength. Any and very one can participate in this. No matter your level or time training with us, you are encouraged to participate.

The workout involves three lifts: the deadlift, the press, and the back squat. For each of the three movements you will get 30 mins to max out each one. Groups will be limited to 7 people so that a coach can take each of you through your segment. There will be start heats available on Wodify and they will start every 30 mins starting at 9am. Each athlete is responsible to arrive and be ready to start warming up 30 mins before their start time. Warm up will NOT take place at 9am for the 9am group. There will be a general warm up posted for each person to complete. There will be one coach at each station so you will will work with a different instructor for each lift.

Mark your calendar and I hope to see everyone there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Check back later tonight for sign up times to open up on wodify. Spots will be limited for each session. Just in case you are a little curious, here are some great images from last time.

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Upcoming Events at 215!

There are some exciting clinics and seminars coming up – so get your calendars ready 🙂


First up, next Saturday, (9/13) there will be a double under clinic from 9:00am-10:00am. There are many athletes that have yet to master this skill, so the goal of the clinic will be to cover the proper technique, fix common errors and work on drills to aid in improvement. If you are someone, like myself, who is tired of doing a million single unders and/or burpees to make up for not having double-unders, come to this clinic!
*Clinic is FREE for unlimited memberships and $10 for 3x a week memberships


Next up, handstands! Everyone wants to be able to handstand walk, right? We are holding a 4-part Handstand Seminar to get you there! The seminar will go over gymnastics drills to help you become more comfortable with handstand holds, walking, etc. Handstands are popping up more and more in Crossfit (plus, it’s a fun party trick to show off to your buddies). The program is as follows:

Week 1: Static Prep work
Wrists/shoulder prep 
Body line hold on wall 

Week 2: Dynamic prep 
Frog stand progression
body line progression
transition to Kicking up 

Week 3: Hs walking 
Hand position 
Body tension 
Head position 

Week 4: Static hold 
Starting position
Using blocks 

Because the weeks are a progression towards the handstand, you must sign up for all 4 weeks; there will not be an option to do only 1 class. Please inquire with [email protected] for more info about pricing. The dates of the 4 seminars are: Sundays 9/21,10/5, 10/12, 10/19 at 10:00am.


We are in the middle of ironing out some last details for a rowing clinic in the upcoming weeks as well, so stay tuned for more details!!


Crossfit 215 will be hosting a Bench press/ Deadlift Competition on September 20th at 9:30am. There are trophies for top 3 places per category and cash prizes for overall winners (using Wilks formula)!! Eight weight classes and Master’s divisions available. Come test your strength– these are proven environments to hit a new PR! Register at: pushpull.whindo.com

photo 5





Starting Monday, September 15th, there will no longer be a 12pm class. In place of this, a 9:00am class will be offered Monday – Friday. Also, a 4:00pm class will be added on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Holiday Schedule


Coach Kyle giving a little extra during one of his classes. If you don’t know about what he’s been up to in his training, make sure you ask him about it.

There are a couple holiday schedule changes for this week, including next monday.

Wednesday 8/27 – There is NO NOON CLASS
Sunday 8/31 – Endurance class is cancelled
Monday 9/1 – All classes are cancelled. We will be holding a 10am Labor Day class. This will have a partner component to it.

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