Holiday Week Schedule


For thanksgiving week, we will be having the following schedule:

Monday – Regular class schedule
Tuesday – Regular class schedule
Wednesday – 6am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm
Thursday – 9am class only. 
Friday – 9am class only
Saturday – Regular class schedule
Sunday – Regular class schedule

Expect something fun the day after thanksgiving to help you burn off some of those extra calories you took in.

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CrossFit Total, Saturday, November 1st

It’s that time of year again, time to test your metal! In less than two weeks we will be doing the Crossfit Total. This is designed to give you a good idea basic idea of overall strength. Any and very one can participate in this. No matter your level or time training with us, you are encouraged to participate.

The workout involves three lifts: the deadlift, the press, and the back squat. For each of the three movements you will get 30 mins to max out each one. Groups will be limited to 7 people so that a coach can take each of you through your segment. There will be start heats available on Wodify and they will start every 30 mins starting at 9am. Each athlete is responsible to arrive and be ready to start warming up 30 mins before their start time. Warm up will NOT take place at 9am for the 9am group. There will be a general warm up posted for each person to complete. There will be one coach at each station so you will will work with a different instructor for each lift.

Mark your calendar and I hope to see everyone there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Check back later tonight for sign up times to open up on wodify. Spots will be limited for each session. Just in case you are a little curious, here are some great images from last time.

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Upcoming Events at 215!

There are some exciting clinics and seminars coming up – so get your calendars ready 🙂


First up, next Saturday, (9/13) there will be a double under clinic from 9:00am-10:00am. There are many athletes that have yet to master this skill, so the goal of the clinic will be to cover the proper technique, fix common errors and work on drills to aid in improvement. If you are someone, like myself, who is tired of doing a million single unders and/or burpees to make up for not having double-unders, come to this clinic!
*Clinic is FREE for unlimited memberships and $10 for 3x a week memberships


Next up, handstands! Everyone wants to be able to handstand walk, right? We are holding a 4-part Handstand Seminar to get you there! The seminar will go over gymnastics drills to help you become more comfortable with handstand holds, walking, etc. Handstands are popping up more and more in Crossfit (plus, it’s a fun party trick to show off to your buddies). The program is as follows:

Week 1: Static Prep work
Wrists/shoulder prep 
Body line hold on wall 

Week 2: Dynamic prep 
Frog stand progression
body line progression
transition to Kicking up 

Week 3: Hs walking 
Hand position 
Body tension 
Head position 

Week 4: Static hold 
Starting position
Using blocks 

Because the weeks are a progression towards the handstand, you must sign up for all 4 weeks; there will not be an option to do only 1 class. Please inquire with [email protected] for more info about pricing. The dates of the 4 seminars are: Sundays 9/21,10/5, 10/12, 10/19 at 10:00am.


We are in the middle of ironing out some last details for a rowing clinic in the upcoming weeks as well, so stay tuned for more details!!


Crossfit 215 will be hosting a Bench press/ Deadlift Competition on September 20th at 9:30am. There are trophies for top 3 places per category and cash prizes for overall winners (using Wilks formula)!! Eight weight classes and Master’s divisions available. Come test your strength– these are proven environments to hit a new PR! Register at: pushpull.whindo.com

photo 5





Starting Monday, September 15th, there will no longer be a 12pm class. In place of this, a 9:00am class will be offered Monday – Friday. Also, a 4:00pm class will be added on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Holiday Schedule


Coach Kyle giving a little extra during one of his classes. If you don’t know about what he’s been up to in his training, make sure you ask him about it.

There are a couple holiday schedule changes for this week, including next monday.

Wednesday 8/27 – There is NO NOON CLASS
Sunday 8/31 – Endurance class is cancelled
Monday 9/1 – All classes are cancelled. We will be holding a 10am Labor Day class. This will have a partner component to it.

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Barbells, barbells, BARBELLS!

First, lets start with this weekend. In doing so, lets first start with the biggest congratulations and thank you of all. I am sure I speak for both teams when i say “THANK YOU” to all the 215ers who came out to support. That was one of largest groups we have ever had support our people at an event and certainly larger than any other community there, possibly including the home gym if you don’t count those there who worked and competed. It was such a great feeling to have such a high power of the 215 family there at every awesome turn, and there were many.

photo 3A bunch of the athletes there PRed their cleans and all twelve athletes did everything asked of them and some. One of our teams took third and the other team took ninth. Our team that took third was a close runner up and second runner up to two very high level teams, both regional level. I felt both teams operated at their maximal potential and their places of third and ninth were not due to any mistakes on their parts, there was just a very high caliber of competitors atphoto 1 Summer Slam. I was very proud of both teams as should you be of how they represented the 215. While one of our teams performed as expected – awesome job Maya, Erica, Erin, Zach, Kevin & Jeff – our “other” team far exceeded my expectations. For a group who has never competed with one another and most have never competed at all, there was not much more i could have asked of them. They were relentless. You guys were a pleasure to watch. Congrats Julie, Roger, AMA, Perrin, Chandler and Dave for an outstanding performance.
For more pictures from the event be sure to check our members only Facebook page. If you’re not in there yet, you should be and you are missing out. Contact myself or Kate for help getting access.

In House Oly MeetJust a reminder about this weekend. First, I have it listed as 9-2 but it will not take that long. Second, and most importantly, this is for EVERYONE. If you have completed our on-ramp, you can come lift this weekend. I challenge all of you to be here. I promise that you will see more strength out of yourself than ever before. Whether you realize it or not, you have been preparing for this for about three months now – SURPRISE!
The order of the operations will look like this:
8:30am – 9:00am: weigh-ins
9:00am: Athlete briefing. this is mandatory and if you are late you can NOT compete.
10:00am: (or earlier) women’s snatch, then men’s snatch, women’s Clean & jerk, and then men’s Clean & jerk

We will be announcing winners for the highest lift in each weight class and various prizes as well including but not limited to tix to the NPGL match, shaker bottles, t-shirts, and more will be awarded. Sign up is live on wodify so please sign up as soon as possible so we can get an idea for numbers. See you this weekend, all of you!!!

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215 Competing and Competing at 215

logoJust a reminder that twelve of 215’s finest will be competing this weekend up at CrossFit Generation in Hatboro. This is the same guys who put on the masters competition earlier this year. The event starts at 9am if you want to see all the action, 215’s first heat is at 10:20am. We will be camped out just atop the hill, you will know it when you see it. Bring a chair, a rain coat possibly, and some adult beverages if you like. If you are interested in coming all day and want to car pool, we will be leaving 215 at 7:30 am. Hope to see everyone there.

CrossFit 215 In House Olympic Lifting Meet
Hopefully this weekend will get you a little excited to throw around some heavy weighs next weekend. Next Saturday there will be no classes Saturday as we will be doing the in house Olympic Lifting meet. Athlete briefing will start at 9am. We will talk for a few minutes about about how the day will work, rules, logistics, etc…  What do you need to do in order to participate….? Sign up on Wodify and show up, we will take care of the rest. Coaches will be there to help you with strategy and warming up. This comp is for ALL levels! That’s right, any SKILL level! There will be prizes for top lifters in each weight class. Although we will be using weight classes I am urging people not to try and make certain weight classes. Come in at walking weight (every day weight). If you are curious about the weight classes, you can find them here.


This comp will be a leader into our Barbell Club Program officially starting on August 18th. More details to come on Monday here on the blog but for those of you looking to focus on the Olympic lifts, here is your chance. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

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Some Changes at CF215

Renovations and Expansion
First, I wanted to say thank you for everyone’s patience as we finished up our renovations and expansion. We have converted our annex training room into a therapy room for Jim Brennan and his Physical Therapy practice. Jim has had years of experience working will all types of people including some high level athletes and pro athletes. If you get a chance please introduce yourself to Jim. Jim is not only using space within CF215 but he is also a member of our team. He is excited to learn all about what we do and who we are, don’t be a stranger. In addition, please be aware that the back room is now be used for his practice. The cubbies are still there for you to use but everything else is dedicated to his practice so please try and be respectful.

Our new annex is all but wrapped up. There are a few last finishing touches to make. Please make yourself at home in this space. Warm up, ride the bikes, cool down, it is business as usual. When you are in this space, please try to stay on the rubber floor. The concrete floor is still very dirty and we don’t want to track that onto the floor. We try to keep the floor as clean as possible.

For this week in training, we are continuing the squat cycle for those that want to. All of you should NOT have logged your max efforts from last week, if so this will not allow proper weight loading for the squat cycle. The squat cycle is a continuation from the first 5 weeks and we will be doing another 5 weeks plus de-load and then test. Again, the squat cycle is optional and there will be conditioning options on Mondays and Thursday.

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New Apparel!

IMG_9675New apparel is in! If you pre-ordered at the online store, your order is ready! Ask the front desk staff for help (they are labeled with your names behind the desk!) For those of you that didn’t pre-order, no worries! There are plenty of extra items available for you; if you don’t see a size that you like hanging up, please ask! the price sheet is hanging on the shelf. Also, the older T-shirts and tanks are on sale for $20; they are located in the hanging bins!


Don’t forget about the kettlebell workshop this weekend( check out last week’s post for more info)!. Spots are filling up very quickly!! If you want in, email me ([email protected]) and I’ll secure you a spot, or put you on the wait list!



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Kettlebell Workshop next weekend!


Swing, Clean and Snatch: An Intimate Kettlebell Workshop

WHEN: 12-3 p.m on Saturday, July 26



DESCRIPTION: Master many variations and nuances of these three basic ballistic kettlebell movements in this three-hour, small-group workshop with instructor Jen Sinkler, RKC-II, KBA.


Expanding the ways you’re able to move a kettlebell will pay off immensely by improving strength, power and core stability (including the often-overlooked anti-rotational component, which is difficult to achieve with a barbell). You’ll learn a slew of new skills over the course of this three-hour session, and we’ll probably dig into a few lifts not on the agenda, too.



We’re dramatically limiting the number of participants 1) because Jen put off sending us the details of the workshop until it was nearly too late, and 2) because it’s more fun when you get more one-on-one coaching, yes?

* The class will be capped at 10 people; We will release the registration on Wodify later tonight. For those of you who are not members of Crossfit 215, please email [email protected] and we will save you a spot!



Bring 80s-style wristbands. (We’ll pretend to play tennis afterward.)



COST: $75 for a three-hour session



JEN’S BIO: Jen Sinkler (www.jensinkler.com anwww.liftweightsfaster.com) spent a decade as Experience Life magazine’s fitness editor and editorial director of fitness. She now writes for top fitness magazines such as Women’s Health and Men’s Health, and talks fitness, food and happy life at her personal website.

Jen is a certified kettlebell instructor through the RKC (Level 2) and Kettlebell Athletics, and an Olympic lifting coach through USA Weightlifting; she also holds coaching certifications through Primal Move, Progressive Calisthenics (PCC), TACFIT, CrossFit and DVRT (Ultimate Sandbag).



She works with personal training clients at The Movement Minneapolis, a training facility she co-owns with her husband. She was recently named one of Greatist’s “100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.”



A rugby player for 13 years, many of those on the U.S. national 7s and 15s teams, she still enjoys any sort of sport. She is the current USAWA world record­–holder in the Jefferson deadlift.








If you haven’t already, make sure you grab a free Tshirt and waterbottle (from Trap Door Athletics/ Cassie); the box is behind the front desk!


Also, we are still selling PaleoKits, but we have moved them into a more secure spot to keep them fresh (boxes under the shelves); ask front desk staff for help.


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