Updates for the Week

This week, a couple of your 215 staff are traveling to Las Vegas for the second round of the NPFL combine. Yours truly plus a few other 215ers have been lucky enough to get involved in this program thanks to the brother-sister duo of Mather and Rubi. For more information on these guys and the NPFL, check out the league’s website. You can also watch some of the races taking place this week online.

As a result, there are a few schedule changes for the week. On Monday and Tuesday, there will be NO 5PM class. There may be some additional class times added for your convenience last minute; notification of these will be posted in the members’ group on Facebook.

Just a few reminders about our current cycle of programming. We are in week 2 of 6 of our squat cycle. We have two options for you, and hopefully you have already chosen which you want to follow. If you are looking to continue with your fitness goals at a regular pace, follow the “Fitness” program. If you are someone who (1) wants to improve your squat as fast as possible, (2) can dedicate your schedule to being here Mondays and Thursdays for the next 5 weeks, and (3) does not have an addiction to high intensity training (i.e. metcons), follow the squat cycle programming. Both options will be available on Mondays and Thursdays. Keep in mind that this squat cycle increases in volume each week, so jumping in midway will NOT work.

In addition to the squat work, there will be one additional layer added into our upcoming programming. Many of you are still at a place where you feel your body needs a good old sweat session more than a couple times a week. Don’t worry; I hear you, and I will provide you with such until I can cure your addiction, you metcon junkie you. For you, you will see a couple workouts a week on random days labeled iSweat. These are workouts you can do during class hours off to the side  You can either come in just for those or you can do them after class. If you are not sure about whether doing them is aligned with your goals, check with a coach.

May your squat be with you!

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Next Cycle, let's SQUAT!

For the next six weeks, we will be focusing on squatting. Many of you have asked to really focus on improving your squat numbers and given a group setting, this is what I believe to be the best way to do it.  Below is a breakdown of what the programming will look like for the next six weeks; you’ll see a couple different options on several of the days so you can make this experience whatever you want it to be for you:

  • Mondays: back squat + front squat OR back squat + conditioning
  • Tuesdays: cleans
  • Wednesdays: conditioning
  • Thursdays: back squat + front squat OR front squat + conditioning
  • Fridays: benchmarks
  • Saturdays:  9am snatch OR general fitness; 10am partner workout.

While doing this squat cycle, for the next four weeks there will be no basecamp. Athletes looking to accomplish specific goals outside of this cycle, please contact me. Throughout the week you will see aerobic workouts for those of you that can’t seem to go without a long sweat session. Feel free to do these workouts off to the side during any class.

Pre-Order for ApparelA reminder we are doing a pre-order for our new apparel, but it is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY – ONE WEE! Go to our online store. We have created the discount code: “CF215online” to take 10% off of your order! We also added a few of your favorite products for you to order in bulk and save money on. Again, this store will be open for one week ONLY!


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New Apparel & Sunday 6K


Attention all: New shirts, tanks, hoodies and sweatpants are ready for order! We have setup an online store to make the ordering process a bit easier, ensuring that you’ll get the size and style that you want, guaranteed! If you are interested in ordering apparel, please do so through the website and you will be able to pickup your order at the gym. Please note that when you checkout, the last page has an option that says “Crossfit 215 pick-up FREE“. **Important: there is not a drop down box for the sizes, so just type your size into the box provided.

We have created the discount code: “CF215online” to take 10% off of your order!



Also featured in the store are most of the products we sell at the front desk. The discount code will also work for these items, so go ahead and order in bulk! Again, here is the link: Crossfit 215 Store


For those of you that missed it, this Sunday we will be re-doing the 6K Time Trial on the erg during the 11am class with Meghan. For those of you that did it this past Saturday we will still have programming for you to do as well. Even if you have not been super diligent with your training for this 6K, come in anyway and use the time to baseline yourself for next time. Assuming you have been with us for more than a couple months you still have the base to accomplish something like this.

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Testing Week

We have wrapped up our Oly cycle for the last couple weeks. I am hoping that those of you who wanted to, got what you were looking for out of it. Our goal over the near future is to build up our Oly program and have a barbell program at 215. If you have interest in doing a weightlifting program, please contact me to discuss further.

This upcoming week we will be doing some testing. This testing will include the Oly lifts and some basic strength. For those of you who do not want to test absolute strength, there will be other options for you in class this week. Following this week of testing, we will be doing a squatting cycle focused around the Back and Front Squat.

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Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

Here is the schedule for the holiday weekend. If you still looking for something to do Saturday, a bunch of us will be down Fairfax, VA at George Mason University for the Mid Atlantic Regionals. Fancy a road trip, come on down and join us.

Friday – Noon class is cancelled, all other classes (6am, 5pm, and 6pm) are on.

Saturday – There will be a 9am and 10am Fitness Class. There will be NO Basecamp Satutday.

Sunday – Endurance Class @ 11am

Monday – ALL classes are CANCELLED. Coach Kyle will be holding a training session at 10am. We will be doing Murph and there will be some mental toughness activities before hand. If you have not done any of the crucible prep sessions yet, this will be a good place to start. There will be scaling options as usual so this session is open to everyone, all levels welcome.



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Murphy Mile This Weekend


If you haven’t already heard about the “Murphy Mile” event that is happening this weekend, here’s some info about the cause. One of our members, Dave Buzzard, is helping to put on the event, which benefits Cystic Fibrosis. The Cystic Fibrosis foundation is very important to his family, as his daughter was born with CF that impacts her lungs and digestive functioning. She’s doing well, but her daily activities include two 30 minute physical therapy sessions and over 23 pills to help her digest foods. Many of her medications and treatments would not exist without the foundations support of research into these drugs, and the progress they have made is outstanding.

The event is this Saturday at 9:00am, starting Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon (3333 Conrad Street). It’s only one mile –followed by prizes, a buffet, and a brew from Yards. Please come out to support this awesome cause!

Click here to register!


Schedule Announcment
There will be no noon class tomorrow, Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for you understanding.

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Training Schedule – Saturday, May 10th

       At 9am we will holding the normal third lifting day for out Olympic lifting cycle. This is the normal 9am Fitness Class. Tomorrow we will be doing heavy doubles in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat. In addition to that there will be a Basecamp class at 9am as well. Both classes will be taught by Brendan tomorrow.

      At 10am we will be doing a partner / team workout as prep for the Flex event. Even if you are not signed up for the competition you are still welcome to the 10am team workout of course. You are allowed to do both the 9am Fitness class and team workout. Please check in with Micah or Brendan before class for modifications to do so.

Team Workout
A. Max Clean Complex – Pwr Clean + Hng Pwr Clean + STO + Clean + Hng Clean + STO
Partners – 8 mins with one athlete working at a time
Teams – 8 Mins, 2 BB one athlete on platform at a time, max 2 attempts
B. Partner Workout. Teams – Male pairs go first with the following
30 Thrusters @ 125#
5 Rope Climbs
20 Thrusters
4 Rope Climbs
10 Thrusters
3 Rope Climbs
*Bar mat not touch the ground until thrusters are complete.
Once the men are done, females go through the same @85#




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Thank You Diane Fu!


We had a great weekend Diane Fu and some other friends. Thank you to Diane for making the trip out to us. I learned a lot and I am so appreciative of getting the opportunity to create relationships like this.Thank you as well to those of you who traveled here to participate, especially Kieth (CF Apex), Lesha (CF Novem) and the crew from CFCC. Erin has an amazing family down there and has certainly set herself apart from other facilities in the city. IMG_6678I wanted to say thanks to Ryan Basa as well for his help this weekend. I was very humbled by the fact that my lifting partner (we moved the same weights) was about fifty pounds less than me, I’m coming for you BASA!

Olympic lifting is such an amazing sport and for most of you we are just scratching the surface of what you can do with it and more importantly what it can do for you and your athletic ability. 215 will adding more programs to assist you in furthering your proficency

Many of you may have previewed this on Facebook but here is a post from one of your constitutes, Taylor Hayes, on competing in an Olympic Lifting meet.

“Hey guys, some people have been asking about my experience this past weekend at my first OLY weightlifting meet. I’ll try to keep this short, but overall it was a truly amazing experience! When I was up there on that platform I didn’t feel as though I had X number of eyes staring at me, I felt like I had a room of people rooting their hardest for me to succeed (b/c they were). When I stepped on to the platform and approached the bar the adrenaline rush was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I felt as though it was just me and the bar and I didn’t think about what weight I was doing (mostly bc it was in kilos and the conversion is tough to do under time crunch and when fatigued) I just thought well, here we go and did the lift. I hit all 3 of my snatches at 49, 52 and 54 kilos (last one 118.8#) which was a 5.8lb PR and the bar felt light as a feather in this environment. I had some trouble on my jerks, but also PR’d my clean by 5.5 lbs after having just PR’d it the weekend before by 5lb.

IMG_6681I always thought of an OLY meet as showing up, lifting heavy things, and then leaving. What I didn’t realize is that not only is there a ton of strategy involved, but it truly is a sporting event. Having competed in a CrossFit competition and an OLY meet, the OLY meet felt much more to me (personally) like participating in an actually sporting event or game. There is a clock, there is strategy – planning the timing of your warm up correctly, how many reps to take while you warm up, what jumps in weight to make, changing weights in order to get more rest time –  there are the things you can’t control – how many people are lifting before you, the uncertainty of when it will actually be your turn to go, how much rest time you have between lifts. It is a given at any competition that you will be physically and emotionally exhausted by the end, but I was caught off guard by how mentally exhausted I was. Oddly, it was a great feeling.

For those of you interested in OLY lifting – I waited too long to do a meet. There were many fairly green weight lifters in the novice division, so there are no excuses now for some of you that are interested. Also, I recommend the CF CC liberty barbell meet in particular, I thought it was run SOO well and everyone was super helpful. A low pressure, great first meet.

Anyway, I wanted to also share this article I coincidentally read today b/c it really spoke to me. I definitely approach the bar with an “I’ll try it” attitude. All my weights I picked for the meet were conservative and I’m happy that Micah pushed me to do weights that were out of my comfort zone because I clearly didn’t recognize my own abilities.” -Taylor Hayes

So where do we go from here…? We have a few more weeks in our Oly cycle and then at the end of it we will be having an In House Oly meet. This will give you an opportunity to give this 6 lift thing a try without the “whole world” watching. I will be bringing in some outside help to help facilitate the event and also assist with coaching some of you. Keep an eye on the calendar for late June, early July for 215 In house Classic!

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Week 1 – 6K Erg Training

Here is the week 1 training for the 6K erg test. Just a reminder that it is STRONGLY recommended you complete these workouts 4-6 hours outside of your usual strength training. This means please do not do today’s class and then immediately hop on the erg right after. You are welcome to come in during any class sessions and park your self on the side somewhere and complete either of the two workouts below. If you need to make up the Sunday workout please contact Coach Meghan for details.

Week #1:

Workout 1:

10K Steady State (or 2 x 5K with 2 min rest or 4 x 2.5K with 1 min rest, depending on fitness)Average split @ 2:15 – 2:25/ 500m based on endurance fitness base. Record average split for entire 10K.

Workout 2:

3 x 10 minutes with 5 minutes rest – Average split @ 6K goal pace – approx. 2:08 – 2:15/500m based on endurance fitness base. Keep your 6K goal as developing at this point, we will discuss more Sunday in class based on your results this week. Record average split for each 10 min piece.

Sunday ( Workout #3):

9 x 1K with 4 min rest – details in class

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Saturday Class

For tomorrow, 5/3/2014, only.

The 9am class will be in line with our Olympic lifting programming. The 10am class will be a partner workout without any Olympic lifts in it. Again this is for tomorrow only as we have Diane Fu here for the day tomorrow.

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