Open Workout 14.2

“Does this count coach…?”

So most of you probably saw the announcement of Open Workout 14.2, and some of you probably said “WTF”, I don’t have chest to bar pull-ups. Its OK, there are plenty of people out there saying the same thing. I had a feeling that something like this was coming which is why we switched over to regular programming during class and doing the Open workouts at 7pm on Friday and 1pm on Sundays. So if you have not quite mustered up the strength to get your chest over the bar, go to class tomorrow and then come hang with us at 7pm. We will cheer you on as you try your best. you would be surprised how many people have found a way to get their chest up there when it really matters.

For those of you described above, or those of you not doing the the Open, you should still come by tomorrow night and support the people doing 14.2, especially our performance athletes. They have been working hard and could really use your support. I encourage everyone who can to come in tomorrow night, get this done so you can recover and we can go back at it next week. Waiting until Sunday will certainly have a huge effect on next week’s training. So let’s party tomorrow night over a barbell, a pull up rig and some good old fashion throwing down.

And remember, anything is possible and magic happens in the open. All it takes is one time….

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

NOTE: Open classes do NOT count towards class attendance.

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Weekend Recap & Crossfit Open updates

2014 Ability WOD_038-2

A big thank you to everyone that came out to support Stan and his event this weekend! The Ability WOD was a huge success, raising a bunch of money for Global Abilities. It was an amazing day filled with inspiring people. Another thank you to Stan, who shared his dream with our Crossfit community; we look forward to helping you grow in the future! Here are some pics from the weekend of our Wheel Chair athletes.

2014 Ability WOD_095

2014 Ability WOD_043-22014 Ability WOD_078

Important Changes Regarding the Crossfit Open:

Rather than dedicating all Friday classes to the Open, we have decided to hold Open workouts: Friday @ 7:00pm and Sunday @ 1:00pm. We hope that by condensing the workouts to two time slots we can have as many of you here as possible during these classes to cheer on your fellow 215ers. This means Fridays there will be regular programming during class times. Though we ask that you do your best to adhere to the times above for the open, please contact me if you must complete your Open workout outside of the scheduled times. Please do not just assume that working out during class time is OK. Setting up for an open workout can take up a lot of space and the auxiliary room is not always available.

Great job everyone getting your scores in, no one botched that up this week… barely!!! Here is a link to our own 215 custom leader board for men and women and a link to the team score board. We still need team names for each team. Please get with your teammates and come up with a name.



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Ability WOD tomorrow

Don’t forget: the Ability WOD is tomorrow at 10:00am! Spread the word! This is going to be a great day for an awesome cause–we encourage you to join us!


Learn more about the Ability WOD at: http://www.globalabilities.org/crossfit.html 

Here is a message from Stan regarding logistics about how the day will run:

“Hey 215 family,

The Ability WOD is almost here, and things are coming together nicely! Thank you all for being so supportive in our first joint venture with the Global Abilities Foundation. Hopefully, not only can we raise money for their cause, but also awareness about the capabilities and drive of athletes and individuals living with disability.

A couple of logistics to go over, as this is a somewhat different CrossFit event than we’ve hosted in the past:

– As both individuals with and without CrossFit experience will be participating in some version of the workout, there is likely going to be a little more transition time in between workouts. So, please be patient. If you are free to help set up necessary modifications in order to help things go more smoothly, it would be greatly appreciated. A modified workout has been workout out for most of our wheelchair athletes. Ask Micah and he can let you know how to set things up.

– With regards to parking, I’m asking that all our 215 members use the parking lot at Sherman Mills, where our box used to be to ensure that there is enough parking nearby the box for our visitors. I did get permission from their leasing office to secure 5-6 spots in the Dobson Mills Lot across the street for our visitors with disability only. These spots will be specifically marked off. For all others, as always, this lot is NOT to be used. I would also like to keep the space in front of the box open for disabled parking, if possible. Not sure what the turnout is going to be, but we have to prepare for the eventuality that others with disability will show up as spectators.

– As of now, Mather has volunteered to MC the event, Micah will be helping out the wheelchair athletes. I believe we have some volunteers from GAF with computers, so that those interested can donate on the day. This is my first time coordinating a gig like this so I’d appreciate the help of anyone willing to volunteer for incidentals that I haven’t thought of. As far as set up beforehand, it will likely be pretty limited as many will be modifying the workout but if there’s anything that needs to be done the night before, if anyone is able to stick around briefly after the State of the Union address to help out, I’d be grateful.

That’s all I’ve got as far as logistics for now. Time to get excited, folks! Special thanks to 215ers Micah for hosting and creating a special wheelchair workout for our visitors, Mather for MC-ing and coming up with our combined logo design, Matt Godrey for agreeing to photograph the event, and Dan Rau for T- shirts and securing food from Deke’s for us on the day! Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Thanks again to everyone participating, those who donated and those who helped spread the word. See you tomorrow!


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Crossfit Open!


Okay guys… LAST CALL FOR THE OPEN!  215 will be doing an intramural team event for the open. We will be dividing all members that are officially signed up under the Crossfit 215 affiliation (at games.crossfit.com) into 4 teams for the open. Each week we will rank all participants and score them by male and female. This event is for everybody–anything you do will contribute to your team! If you would like to be part of this 5 week event with 215 you have 48 hours (less actually) to sign up. Not only will this be an awesome event for the 215 family, but the winning team will go into a drawing for a 1 month free membership!!!

Workouts will take place on Fridays, during normal class hours. If for some reason you cannot make it during these hours, there will be a “make up” session at 1:00pm on Sundays. Please do your best to adhere to these times; If you have any questions please contact Micah.



In conjunction with The Open and the CrossFit Total approaching (2/28 & 3/15 respectively), here is a blog from Coach Julie regarding taking care of our bodies.

“The CrossFit 2014 Open starts tomorrow. Are you signed up? If not, you should be. And, if not then on Fridays you’re going to be doing the workouts anyways! This isn’t a post where I’m going to tell you all the reasons to sign up for the Open; but, this is a post where I’m telling you that you need to treat your body with respect during the next few weeks all the time.

As CrossFitters, we tend to come to the gym, get our workout on, do a little rehabilitative mobility and then get going. I’m here to tell you that isn’t going to cut it for the long term, especially if you plan on increasing intensity with something like the Open (and don’t forget about the CrossFit Total that’s happening on 3/15). The programming at 215 and your perseverance at working through it have prepared you for what you are going to accomplish in the next five weeks. Your dedication to healing your body post workout is what will carry you through it.

 You’ve heard all of these things before: get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat nutrient dense food, get in a good warm up and get in a good cool down. Most people can check those items off of their list. What is lacking is stretching and mobility. A little bit of stretching goes a long way and a lot of stretching goes an even longer way. Mobility is the same thing. Take the time to get these practices in – grab the foam roller, the lax ball and the Voo Doo Floss bands. Grab a partner to stretch with. Grab a coach and ask them how to stretch a certain muscle. I challenge you to take 30 minutes after each Open workout and incorporate these practices.

 In addition to all of the self-care you are going to start working on, I urge you to get some bodywork done. Some important benefits include decreasing muscle stiffness, fatigue and swelling, decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness, increasing blood flow and fresh oxygen to your muscles and increasing mobility. All of these qualities are important to have a working body, but especially so if you beat your muscles up a few times a week.

To get you through these intense workouts I’ve put together package massage deals: buy 6 massages for the price of 5 (that’s less than $1/minute!). Sessions include a conversation with me about what’s going on with your body, a massage catered toward your current needs and follow ups to see how you’re feeling. Check out The Working Body’s website for more details: http://theworkingbodytherapy.com/ .

This post isn’t just a shameless plug for my business. I truly believe that with stretching, mobility and regular massage your body will feel better and perform better. I know mine does and that’s why I got into this business in the first place. If all you take from these few paragraphs is to start treating your body better, then I’ve already accomplished a lot.

 Good luck with the Open and CrossFit Total!”


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Update for Tonight


Okay okay. After much debate just now, Micah and I have made the decision to postpone the potluck, given the fact that there are only eight people committed to coming. Apologies if you have already started making food (but a mega win for your households when they get to eat it later on).

The potluck is being postponed to next Friday evening. Micah and I will be giving a “State of the Union” address at 7pm, which will be followed by the official potluck. We are asking y’all to use WODIFY to sign up (it won’t count against your classes for the week). In the State of the Union, we’ll address some changes to competition programming, changes to regular programming, the CrossFit Total, and other administrative topics of importance. This is a chance for you guys to give us feedback on our current programs, as well as any thoughts you may have on programs in the future. Please mark next Friday, 2/28, off on your calendars.

Ladies, Dance WOD is still on for tonight.

Again, our apologies for the last-minute cancellation of tonight’s merriment, but I bet we could get a crew going to Taproom after the Dance WOD if there’s interest.

Sweaty love,

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Four Weeks until CrossFit Total!

In four weeks we will be doing the CrossFit Total on Saturday, 3/15. We will be running small heats every 30 minutes.  Over the span of 90 minutes, each athlete will complete a max effort Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift. This event is for EVERYONE! ask coaches more about it. Regular classes will cancelled that day.

Crucible Prep this WEEKEND!
“Next Crucible Prep Clinic is this Sunday Feb. 23rd 8:00am. Topic will be pre & post event mental preparation. “Event” means marathon, obstacle course, business meeting, crossfit class, interview, presentation, etc. This stuff is useful in all parts of life.” – Coach Kyle

For any of you who have not yet taken this clinic with Kyle, you are missing out on something important. It is not any particular skills or movements, it’s mental fortitude. Everyone should try this clinic once regardless of their goals. I promise you will accomplish some things beyond what you believe you can.

Foundations Class
These classes started this week, and are in addition to Tuesday and Thursday 6am class. We will still be doing the Olympic lifts in the other room going forward on Tuesdays. The foundation classes will be un-scored and we not have any complex strength lifts in them. All strength work done will be in super-set format. There will also always be a conditioning piece and their will be no scoreboard. There are only a couple spots available for tomorrow so sign up tonight.

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Upcoming Events & Schedule Updates

For those of you looking for some competitions, there are a few popping up in our area. they include everything from novice competitions to masters, Olympic lifting. It’s no secret how myself and the rest of the coaching staff at 215 value competing. It serves so many purposes and can take on any vehicle necessary to assist in focusing your training.

Masters of the Universe @ CrossFit Generation – Registration: Begins February 17th
What: A fitness competition for all masters athletes
Where: CrossFit Generation in Horsham, PA
Who: All athletes age 35+
Cost: $60
WODs: All athletes guaranteed at least 3 WODs
Divisions: 35-39, 40-44, 45-50, 50+
Standards: Be able to perform most basic CrossFit movements – deadlift (m:200+/f:135+), put weight overhead, full ROM squat, run, row, etc.

Generation Spring Classic 2014 – An Olympic Weightlifting Competition

CrossFit Generation and the Generation Barbell Club are excited to host their first weightlifting meet sanctioned by the USAW. This meet will offer both Open, Novice, and Youth sessions. The Open lifters will be on Saturday and the Novice/Junior/Youth/School Age Sessions on Sunday. “Novice” means you have competed in fewer than two sanctioned meets as of April 12th 2014. Please choose your division accordingly. All Open Lifters are required to wear singlets and and weightlifting shoes.

You MUST be a registered USAW member to compete. If you’re not yet registered, click here to do so: https://www.usaw.hangastar.com/Login.aspx. USAW cards must be presented at the registration table of the event.
Register Here

For those of you who have been focusing on your lifts this is a great way to gain some experience. The novice competition does not require anything but you! If any of you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me, I will help you prepare for this event and will be there that day to help you at.

Daine Fu – A Beyond the Basics Olympic Lifting Seminar @ CF 215

Spend a full day with Coach Diane Fu of FuBarbell at CrossFit 215 in East Falls, PA learning how to identify, assess, and correct movement faults found in Olympic-style weightlifting. This course is appropriate for coaches, trainers, and athletes above the beginner level looking to improve upon their own technical proficiencies while gaining an understanding of how to help others address similar issues. Previous experience with the Olympic lifts is required along with an understanding of basic weightlifting terminology.

Attendees should be prepared for an active day of practical work separated by brief lectures. Lectures will cover topics ranging from mobility to improve positioning, technical details of the lifts, problem solving movement errors, and program considerations for the beginning to intermediate weightlifter.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to perform the snatch and clean & jerk under actual working loads and receive feedback, coaching and corrections from Coach Fu throughout the day.
Register Here

Schedule Updates @ 215

Endurance Sundays
Sunday’s Endurance class will be a rowing class for the next couple weeks. Some of you took Meg’s rowing clinic a little while back and there was some great feedback from it. Meg will be teaching a 10am and 11am rowing based endurance class on Sundays. Brush up on technique, or learn new skills while training your aerobic system.

Foundation Classes
Tuesday and Thursdays @ 6am we will be holding foundation classes. These classes will be geared towards those athletes not looking to focus as much on strength and the heavier side of what we do. What you will not see in these classes is any Olympic lifting or any isolated strengths. All strength done will be done in super-set format.

Our next Crucible Prep Clinic with Coach Kyle will be next Sunday, February 23rd


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Thanks for a great weekend!

For those of you that were there this weekend, whether it was as an athlete, judge, volunteer, or spectator, I don’t need to tell you what a great day Saturday was. The event went extremely smooth and this is mostly thanks to an awesome group of volunteers, second only to all the time and effort Cassie, Mather and Rubi put into producing an amazing event. I am so appreciative that the three of them allowed me to be part of it and look forward to collaborating with them again some day. I am sure I can speak for all of us when I say thank you to all of you who volunteered your Saturday. We had a great group of judges and volunteers who were dedicated to throwing the best competition possible.

My only regret in ever being part of the production side of a competition is that it is nearly impossible to be a coach on any level close to how I would like to be. While I think I may have missed some of you compete completely, I am so proud of Kyle, Taylor, Anne Marie, Jeff (if you’re reading this Jeff), Patrick, Dave, Lauren and Erica for going after it Saturday. There were more than a few PRs and more than enough effort and determination to go around. For every one who competed, and for those who didn’t, I make this promise to you… The Summer Scorcher is coming up in July and I will be there as a coach only if we get people to sign up. Lets represent 215 even MORE than we did this weekend. Those of you doing Raising The Bar (RTB), I forgot to mention that a requirement to RTB is that you must sign up for some kind of competition within the next six months. It can be any type of competition. But back to this weekend, I was so proud of how many of you, and how each of you, represented the 215.

The last couple weeks has left us having to cancel a bunch of classes do to the weather and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your patience and understanding with this. I also want you to know I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to train as you plan to. So to show appreciation for both Saturday and with the weather, of these things, Cassie and I will be here all day Saturday providing open gym and tutelage for anyone who wants it. This will give you a chance to do some goat work and/or make up any training programming you were itching to do that you were not able to make it in for due to class cancellations. If you have something specific you want to work on email one of us so we can make sure we block off some time for you. See you all Saturday!

Clothing Swap
This Saturday the Clothing Swap is back on. Cleaning out your closet? Looking to unload some clothing and maybe pick up some new-to-you threads at the same time?  Bring your clean, gently-used duds to the gym on Saturday, anytime for the CrossFit 215 Clothing Swap. Both ladies’ and gentleman’s clothing. What doesn’t get swapped will be donated to Goodwill on Monday. Clothes can be dropped off and/or swapped at CF215 anytime. No guarantee how long we will be there. You most donate in order to swap people. No showing up empty handed.

As mentioned previously, we have two Facebook groups. Our Members Only page and our Warrior Women of CrossFit 215 (women only) page. It’s hard to search out and friend each person so here are the links to both pages for those of you that are yet in them. Click on the link and request access, once you do some one will approve your request.
Members Page
Women’s Page
We are also doing a Whole 30 day challenge starting this Monday which will be managed and hosted via Facebook as well. Please contact me via FB if you would like to participate.




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This Weekend


Saturday is the the second annual Winter Warmer. This year it is being held at a closed Sports Authority in Montgomeryville. This event is being thrown by a couple of your own including, Cassie, Mather, Rubi and myself. We would love for everyone to come up and hang out and see some of the best athletes in the area throw down. We also have 6 athletes from 215 competing, including Coach Kyle.

As a result of this weekends event, classes Saturday are CANCELLED!

Sunday’s Endurance class is going to run a little differently this weekend. We will run three endurance classes that will overlap slightly. Each class will still be sixty minutes long, Sign up as usual on Wodify.

Raising The Bar (RTB)
For those of you who already have information and are thinking about doing RTB, there will be a mandatory meeting this Tuesday at 7pm. This will be an info session only.

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Cheating: A Cautionary Tale

With all of the buzz surrounding the 2014 CrossFit Open, last year’s competitive exercise “scandals,” and the additional measures put in place this year to mitigate the widespread panic of miscounted burpees, box jumps with questionable extension, and WODs that were or were not performed at Affiliates or on military bases, I wanted to address the subject of… shhhh… cheating.

We’ve all be there.  Whether we know it or not, whether we say it out loud or keep it in.  We’ve all miscounted reps or bullsh*tted a box jump or ten.  If your chin has been close but not quite there, lemme get an “amen” (CrossFitters world-wide say “amen”).  But shady reps and questionable depth, they come back to haunt you (and your reputation as an athlete).

Allow me to regale you with a little story about a little cheater:

I was “sick” on the Friday of the multiplication table test in Ms. Kahn’s 3rd grade class at Dicken Elementary.  I recall holding the mercury thermometer up to my pink bedside lamp that morning, Ferris Bueller style, making sure it didn’t get too hot (my babysitter had told me that if you have a temperature of 104 or more it means your brain is cooking, so I was careful to make sure it didn’t rise past 102).  My mother called the school, then her boss, as I snuggled up on the couch for a day filled with TV, ginger ale, and grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Pleased with my successful scheme and lost in the Flintstones and daytime reruns of The Cosby Show, I forgot entirely about what the following Monday would bring… The Make-up Test.

Still oblivious of my fate and high on my three-day weekend, I dressed for school on Monday morning, donning my favorite troll doll earrings.  We were in the midst of a science unit on the solar system, space being my absolute favorite thing at the age of 8.  Plus, Monday’s meant music class, for the double whammy of Monday awesomeness.  As afternoon recess came to a close, I was looking forward to a little QT with Charlotte’s Web during reading time, but what was this?  Ms. Kahn was coming towards me with a sheet of paper that looked strangely like a… test.

“Cassie, why don’t you grab your pencil and head to the library to take your make up test,” said Ms. Kahn.

Gulp.  ”Ehhh, what make up test?” I responded, thinking fast.  I was pretty good at crying on the spot, but that wouldn’t really help me out in this situation.  I’d never tried fake fainting, and while I was (and still am) a pretty talented little actress, I wasn’t sure that this was really the time to try out an untested gimmick of such epic proportions.

“The multiplication table test from Friday,” she responded with way more enthusiasm than the circumstances dictated.  I mumbled a “hold on” as I trudged towards my desk to find a pencil.  I lifted the top of my desk, and as I opened my sparkly Trapperkeeper to pull a (matching sparkly) mechanical pencil from the (equally sparkly) plastic case, a half-sheet of paper fell out.  As if falling from the (even sparklier) hands of God herself, floating on angel wings into my lap, was a multiplication table – with all of the answers filled in.  A study guide from the previous week.

Math has never been my strength.  Anyone who has seen me take 6 minutes to total the weight on a barbell knows this.  I snuck a peek over at Ms. Kahn who was distracted by a kid in my class, notorious for eating his boogers (neither here nor there).  I crumpled up the study guide and shoved it in the pocket of my jeans. Grabbing my pencil and the test from Ms. Kahn, I all but bounded down the hall towards the library, returning to class less than 5 minutes later with my completed test and a triumphant smile.

Ms.  Kahn graded my test while I read a chapter in Charlotte’s Web.  After reading time, Ms. Kahn announced that she had awards to give.  This was not unusual, as she frequently gave students awards in recognition for being good little humans.  Imagine my surprise when she asked me to come to the front of the room, stating that she had not one, but TWO awards to give me.  On little pre-printed certificates, she had neatly printed my name in purple magic marker, and filled in “Highest Score on the Multiplication Table Test” on one certificate, and “Fastest Test-Taker in the History of Third Grade” on the other.

She smiled as she handed them to me.  The class clapped.  I put the certificates inside my desk and asked permission to use the bathroom.  As I walked down the hall to the bathroom, I felt numb.  I had done something awful.  I had never cheated before.  I stood inside the bathroom stall and pondered my best course of action.  I could come clean, but then everyone would know I cheated.  No one would think I was smart or trust my high test scores ever again.  I was one of the smartest kids in class, I just wasn’t that good at math.  As I tossed around my options, the feeling in my stomach got ickier and ickier.  In the end, I decided I would keep my mouth shut, the justification being that if I had studied, I could have actually earned those awards without cheating because I was definitely smart enough.

At the end of the day, as Ms. Kahn congratulated me again on my “job well done,” I looked at her face and saw it.  She knew I had cheated.  At that moment, she was giving me an opportunity to come clean to her, but I did not take it.  I thanked her and went to go catch my bus.

Twenty-three years later, I remember all of this in perfect detail.  I have played these events over and over in my head.  At critical times in my life, when I have been faced with decisions concerning honesty and judgment, I have played these scenes again and again.  Like a rerun you’ve seen a million times, I know how it ends, and it’s a constant reminder that the cheat will eat at you.

Whatever name you want to call it – fudge, cheat, manipulate, scam, fake, short, deceive –  it sticks with you.  No matter how you try to justify it, dishonesty is, at the end of the day, dishonesty.  It’ll follow you around no matter what you do.  It’s up to you to either use it as a lesson, or let the cheat eat you up.

Not getting your chin over the bar is a choice.  “Miscounting” reps is a choice. Integrity, virtuosity, and principle are also choices. Athletes of CF 215 you guys are amazing.  Keep setting a high bar for competition, keep elevating your selves to be better, keep choosing wisely.

 Cassie Haynes, J.D., M.P.H.
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