Who We Are

While CrossFit 215 is not about reinventing the wheel, we do hope to breakdown and leap over the traditional model of fitness built on body-building mentalities, isolation movements, and extended aerobic sessions. CrossFit is about shedding the “big box” stigma of the traditional gym settings and turning back to the rugged and raw foundations of exercise. Most importantly, this means removing the machines from the gym floors and opening up space for movement and true fitness.

The philosophy of CrossFit 215 is that fitness is a life-long commitment that requires continuous education and consistent devotion to improvement. It is easy to become bored and lazy however individuals must fight through complacence and find ways to constantly rejuvenate their pursuits in health and fitness. CrossFit 215 wants to spark this rediscovery for individuals by offering the ability to join not only a gym, but a community. CrossFit 215 believes that one of the greatest benefits of  fitness is the opportunity to build relationships and network. As a result, we look to embrace a communal approach to fitness characterized by reciprocal relationships amongst members, staff, health professionals, and the greater fitness community.

CrossFit 215 will encourage the competitive nature of the greater CrossFit company by recognizing that “CrossFitting” is, quite simply, a sport—the “sport of fitness.” The harnessing of the natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means.  At CrossFit 215, we not only target the inactive and sedentary, but also the very active who have reached a plateau and are in need of drastic change. We hope to build strong, confident, and courageous CrossFitters by sparking a rebirth and redevelopment of their understanding of fitness.