RF Athlete provides coaching and individual programming designed for athletes to develop their optimal fitness or athletic performance based on lifestyle and goals


Personal Coaching

1-on-1 individualized programming and remote or on-site coaching

Work with a coach to a create a training program built for your specific goals, ability level, schedule, and lifestyle.

Competitor Program

The group competitor program is designed and coached by Perrin Behr, Director of Programming and Training at Requisite Fitness and exclusive to Requisite Fitness members (included in membership). Training is completed on site with team training sessions scheduled on a monthly basis. Athletes receive their programming through TrueCoach on a daily basis, to ensure communication and feedback are frequent and consistent.

The goal is simple: to provide athletes the foundational and specific tools they need to successful in competition, while simultaneously growing a strong community of like-minded individuals eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The RF competitor program is designed for athletes interested in competing in local, national, and international competitions. Through our carefully planned programming, we focus on aerobic development, strength & skills, as well as bias weaknesses needed to be targeted throughout the season.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in personal coaching or our competitor program.